God of War Ascension Walkthrough

12 March 2013
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God of War Ascension Walkthrough

Chapter 6: The Cistern

In The Cistern, Kratos gets the power of Poseidon.

Chapter 7: The Tower of Delphi

In The Tower of Delphi, Kratos must fight a Chimera boss.

Chapter 8: The Python’s Belly

In The Python’s Belly, Kratos gets the power of Zeus!

Chapter 9: Ice Caverns

Travel through the Ice Caverns to fight The Manticore boss.

Chapter 10: The Temple of Delphi

Go to the Temple of Delphi where Kratos fights a Cerberus and meets a master of time.

Tip to solve the Gas Puzzle: Move the pillar from just down the hallway to the left and? place it right under the platform that falls. You can jump on it from there and get your Gorgon Eye and Magic Feather.

God of War Ascension Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Chapter 11.


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