StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough

Mission 21: With Friends Like These…

Travel to Dominion space and find Jim Raynor’s terran ship, the Hyperion. To hack the Dominion’s restricted network and find Raynor’s prison location, we need the best decryption expert out there, Colonel Orlan.

The Hyperion has a diverse set of abilities. Choose the right weapon for each situation.

Rescue Orlan from the mercenary leader Mira Han.

Mission 22: Conviction

Time to contact Valerian and Horner to find out where Jim is being held captive. Kerrigan will personally break him out. Kerrigan is infiltrating the Moros without the assistance of Raynor’s Raiders. The Leviathan will supply her with reinforcements.

Rescue Jim Raynor from the Dominion.

Mission 23: Swarm Host Evolution

Abathur has discovered some new creatures to experiment on and test strains to evolve the Swarm Hosts.

Test both Swarm Host strains.

Mission 24: Planetfall

Now that Kerrigan and all broodmothers are at full strength, the Swarm moves on Korhal. With Horner and Valerian’s approval, Kerrigan moves in to make Mengsk suffer for his crimes. Kill Arcturus Mengsk.

The Swarm engages with Korhal’s orbital defenses. Zerg Drop-Pods will arrive gradually and over a wide area. Be prepared to divide your forces across a large battlefield.

Defend the Bile Launchers.

Mission 25: Ultralisk Evolution

New Ultralisk strains found in one of Korhal’s Dominion xeno-research laboratories are ready for augmentation.

Test both Ultralisk strains in the field, the second rebirth strain basically creates immortal Ultralisks! 😀

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough continues on Page 6 from Mission 26: Death From Above to the ending.