StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough

Mission 16: Baneling Evolution

Abathur sends us on another evolution mission, this time around to experiment on the planets Nelyth and Scoria.

Test both new Baneling Strains.

Head to Skygeirr Station next to get these awesome revelations: Wow, first we find out Jim is still alive but held captive by Mengsk, and then that the Zerg-infested Terran Alexei Stukov lives!

Mission 17: Infested

Mengsk has been breeding hybrid, by combining Protoss and Zerg DNA to create monstrous creatures of immense power to help the Dominion fight the Zerg. Together with Alexei Stukov, the Queen of Blades will need to destroy the local Dominion forces before they can attack Mengsk’s facility/lab.

Neutralive Platform Defenses.

Mission 18: Hand of Darkness

Skygeirr Station is the Dominion’s secret weapons lab and the heart of Mengsk’s hybrid breeding program. Inside we must take on Amon’s most dangerous creation, the researcher Narud, who as the servant of the dark one created these hybrid.

The Hybrid represents the best traits of both Zerg and Protoss. Their physical strength and psionic prowess should not be taken lightly.

Destroy the Hybrid Lab and the 8 Hybrid inside before they drain Kerrigan’s life force.

Mission 19: Mutalisk Evolution

Find the feral brood lords to re-acquire their essence for Abathur to experiment with on Mutalisk evolution.

Mutalisks are highly mobile. Try to exploit enemy weak spots instead of attacking head on.

Test both Mutalisk strains.

Mission 20: Phantoms of the Void

Remember, Narud is an ancient creature of vast power, so it’s kill or be killed. Luckily Stukov is as powerful as Kerrigan, so we’ll need his help on this tough mission to destroy the temples that are amplifying Narud’s power.

Kill Narud.

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