StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough

Mission 11: Supreme

Kerrigan has been reborn as a primal pack leader of “boundless power”, who cannot be manipulated by Xel’naga influence like that of the dark one Amon.

Defeat the remaining Primal Pack Leaders:

#1. Yagdra, a worm whose acid burns like fire.

#2. Kraith, immense enough to storm at his enemies with brutal force.

#3. Slivan, the Eternal Mother, destructive through her quick-spawning army.

#4. Zurvan, as expected by everyone, the millennia-old Primal Zerg has gotten a thirst for Kerrigan’s powerful essence, and betrays her. In this final boss fight you must avoid his giant claws and mouth-attacks while simultaneously attacking his head.

Mission 12: Hydralisk Evolution

Another evolution mission is available. Test both ancient Zerg essences on Hydralisk strains. Go to the Marek V planet in Dominion space to save the Brood hive cluster from destruction.

Mission 13: Domination

One of the fiercest broodmothers, Zagara, refuses to acknowledge Kerrigan as the Queen of Blades. Before we can move on to reclaim Char from the terrans, we have to bring Zagara’s brood back into the Zerg fold.

Defeat Zagara.

Mission 14: Fire in the Sky

Let’s retake Char. Move the Swarm through the Bone Trench to the Dauntless Plateau.

Destroy the Terran Fleet.

Mission 15: Old Soldiers

Destroy General Warfield’s Fortress.

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