StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Walkthrough

Mission 6: Zergling Evolution

Let’s try out some new Zergling strains to choose the best DNA sequence to evolve into.

Mission 7: Enemy Within

The Protoss have launched a vessel from the dark side of Kaldir. Infest the Protoss Vessel.

Mission 8: Roach Evolution

As Abathur so eloquently put it “Must acquire. Destroy protoss. Improve Swarm.” Test both Roach strains on planet Cantar at the concealed Protoss facility.

Tip: You can Burrow and Unburrow an injured Roach to force the enemy to switch targets.

PS: What’s up with Zeratul giving Kerrigan a vision of the primal first Zerg on planet Zerus before the “dark one” changed them into what they are today? Why must SHE evolve?

Mission 9: Waking The Ancient

At the request of the Protoss Zeratul, Kerrigan must learn the secrets of the ancient Zerg birthworld Zerus and take its power. This, the primal Zerg will try and prevent. Claim the Power of Zerus by waking The Ancient One who witnessed the creation of the Overmind. Do this by feeding it biomass that your Drones harvest, so protect them from incoming attacks until the job is done.

Mission 10: The Crucible

The Ancient Zerg called Zurvan asks Kerrigan to travel to the birthplace of the Zerg to be tested. If you’re strong enough the Power of Zerus will be yours. Protect Kerrigan.

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