Tomb Raider 2013 Achievements Guide

The Tomb Raider 2013 achievements guide lists every achievement for this Xbox 360 & PC action-adventure game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

Index of Tomb Raider 2013 Guides:

There are 50 Achievements (3 Secret) with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points to earn in the Xbox 360 and PC versions.

Tomb Raider 2013 Achievements Guide

1. Bookworm (10G) — 25% of all documents found.

2. Historian (15G) — 75% of all documents found.

3. Relic Hunter (10G) — 25% of all relics collected.

4. Archaeologist (15G) — 75% of all relics collected.

5. Looking for Trouble (10G) — 25% of all GPS caches found.

6. Bag Full O’ Cache (15G) — 75% of all GPS caches found.

7. No Stone Left Unturned (50G) — All documents, relics, and GPS caches found.

8. Scrounger (20G) — 5000 pieces of salvage collected.

9. Picky (15G) — 200 enemies looted.

10. Clever Girl (25G) — Purchased all skills in one category.

11. Lethal (50G) — Purchased all skills in all categories.

12. Now We’re Getting Serious (25G) — One weapon fully modded and completely upgraded.

13. The Professional (50G) — All weapons fully modded and completely upgraded.

14. Big Game Hunter (15G) — 10 large animals killed and looted.

On the South-side of the Coastal Forest map, there’s plenty of deer around the river.
For wolves go to the North-side of the same area, above the river there, and keep your distance from the wolves to avoid quick-time event attacks.

15. Tastes Like Chicken! (15G) — 10 small animals killed and looted.

Rabbits and chickens can be hunted in the Mountain Village.

16. Feather Duster (15G) — 10 flying animals killed and looted.

You can kill the most birds in the Coastal Forest and Shipwreck Beach areas. Birds are mostly out and about during the daytime.

17. Sharp Shooter (15G) — 50 headshot kills performed in the single player campaign.

18. Predator (10G) — 50 enemies killed with the bow.

19. Equalizer (10G) — 75 enemies killed with the rifle.

20. Widowmaker (10G) — 40 enemies killed with the shotgun.

21. Gunslinger (10G) — 35 enemies killed with the pistol.

22. Epic Fumble (15G) — Forced an enemy to drop dynamite that killed two people.

Location: Shantytown
In the Shantytown area are many enemies that throw dynamite at you. They usually look like construction workers and have a yellow helmet on their head. When they are about to throw the dynamite shoot them with any weapon and they will drop it. There are usually a bunch of enemies around them, so there is a good chance it will kill two people.

23. Get Over Here! (20G) — 5 enemies rope pulled off edges.

24. Opportunist (15G) — 25 unaware enemies killed.

25. Down and Dirty (15G) — 15 finishers performed.

26. Deadeye (20G) — 10 enemies shot off zip lines.

27. Former Adventurer (20G) — 25 enemies incapacitated with dodge counter.

28. One Smart Cookie (20G) — One optional tomb completed.

29. Intellectually Superior (50G) — All optional tombs completed.

30. Unfinished Business (20G) — One challenge completed.

31. Inconceivable! (50G) — All challenges complete.

32. A Survivor Is Born (75G) — Game completed.

33. Adventurer (20G) — Played a match to completion in all multiplayer modes.

34. Artilleryman (20G) — 20 enemy players killed with a turret in multiplayer.

35. Down Boy! (10G) — Zip-lining enemy killed in multiplayer.

36. Entrapment (10G) — Trapped an enemy in multiplayer.

37. Escapist (20G) — Survived 10 explosions in multiplayer.

38. Good Samaritan (10G) — Revived a teammate in a multiplayer match.

39. I’m all that! (25G) — Won a ranked match in every multiplayer mode.

40. Sole Survivor (15G) — Sole survivor on your multiplayer team.

41. Lights Out (15G) — 10 multiplayer enemies killed with the melee attack.

42. Master Blaster (20G) — Two multiplayer enemies killed with one explosive.

43. Monkey Around (15G) — Survived 3 times in multiplayer by using the rope ascender.

44. Narcissistic (10G) — New character purchased.

45. On My Way Up (10G) — Multiplayer level 10 attained.

46. Shopaholic (20G) — Purchased all upgrades and characters in multiplayer.

47. True Commitment (30G) — Multiplayer level 60 attained.

Secret Achievements:

48. Boom Goes the Dynamite (10G) — Bundle of dynamite shot out of the air.

This achievement is missable!
Location: Shantytown
The Shantytown is part of the storyline and cannot be missed. While making your way through this area you will be ambushed on a rooftop. Enemies will be throwing dynamite at you. Equip the shotgun or rifle and shoot one bundle of dynamite out of the air.

49. Crab Cakes (5G) — FeeFee the crab killed.

Location: Shipwreck Beach
The shipwreck beach is part of the storyline and cannot be missed. After meeting up with your friends a new mission called “Gone Missing” will start. From the camp of your friends you need to go down to the beach. In the sand are some crabs. Simply shoot one of the crabs. If they don’t spawn go back to the camp and return to the beach after a minute.

50. Chatterbox (5G) — All conversations with the Endurance crew completed.

This achievement is missable!
During the course of the story there are 7 occasions where you can talk to your friends. You will have to listen to everything they have to say. If you miss one single conversation you cannot get this achievement in your current playthrough anymore. You need to keep talking to everyone until the X-button symbol above their head is gone. You will also see the TR auto-save logo flashing in the bottom right corner of the screen when all conversations with one person are done.

You need to talk to the following people:

#1 – Before searching for 50 pieces of salvage, talk to Whitman.
#2 – After finding the 50 pieces of salvage, talk to Whitman again (do not repair the Axe yet!)
#3 – After helping Roth (where the wolves attack him), talk to Roth.
#4 – Shortly after getting the Rope Arrows you will meet Roth again. Talk to him before using the zipline.
#5 – When reaching the shipwreck beach you will meet your friends. Talk to Sam, Reyes and Jonah.
#6 – Before going to the Endurance to help Alex and get the tools, talk to Whitman, Sam, Jonah and Reyes at the beach camp. Reyes is on the boat.
#7 – After coming back from the Endurance, talk to Whitman, Reyes and Jonah.

Timeline in minutes for the video guide:

#1 – Coastal Forest – 0:05
#2 – Coastal Forest – 0:33
#3 – Mountain Village – 0:51
#4 – Mountain Village – 1:13
#5 – Shipwreck Beach – 1:33
#6 – Shipwreck Beach – 2:22
#7 – Shipwreck Beach – 3:38

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