MLB 2K13 Walkthrough

This MLB 2K13 walkthrough will guide you with gameplay strategy tips for this baseball sports game on the Xbox 360 & PS3.

MLB 2K13 delivers hours of baseball action for any level of sports fan or gamer. Master the game’s signature right analog pitching controls to achieve perfection on the mound.

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MLB 2K13 Walkthrough

In MLB 2K13 you can enjoy the authentic baseball environment of MLB Today featuring real life commentary and statistics, and develop winning players and teams in My Player, Franchise & Postseason modes. Available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Due to the game’s short development period, the seemingly only new features are a player roster update and a new soundtrack.

Key Game Features:

  • Total Control Pitching and Hitting — The original analog pitching and hitting controls remain the benchmark. Unmatched control and realism allow you to feel the action on both sides of the plate.
  • My Player — Experience the journey from Minor Leagues to MLB stardom. Choose your path, customize your player and work your way to the top.
  • Dynamic Tendencies — Player performance fluctuates dynamically as player ratings update from pitch to pitch and at-bat to at-bat.
  • Franchise — Championship teams are built in the front office, and crowned on the field. Can you master both sides of the ball and build a dynasty?
  • And includes MLB Today, MLB Today Season, Poostseason, and Home Run Derby features.

MyPlayer Introduction

With every Major League Baseball player comes a unique story. Stories of struggle, hard work, passion and triumph. Each player follows their own path to the Big Leagues, and creates their own legacy. Choose your path, and tell your story with MLB 2K13’s My Player mode.

Astros vs Rays

Here’s gameplay for a game of Astros vs Rays.

Blue Jays vs Nationals

Here’s gameplay for a game of Toronto Blue Jays vs Washington Nationals.

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