MLB 13 The Show Cheats

Looking for MLB 13 The Show cheats on PS3 & PS Vita? Here we’ll list MLB 13 The Show cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Sony’s new baseball game.

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MLB 13 The Show Cheats

Unlock Batting Tutorial

MLB 13 The Show, new game, newer controls. People have been asking where the batting tutorial is that Sony’s been talking about. Independent of your skill level you like to play on, you may need help figuring out batting. The tutorial gives you feedback about whether or not your swing was where it should have been, as well as if your swing’s timing was off and by how much.

It can be activated indirectly at the start of the game, when it asks you your skill level. While it doesn’t get unlocked at the start of the game when you choose one of the higher difficulty level like “Practice Mode” or higher, the Batting Tutorial does unlock to help you out when you select “Beginner Mode”!

How To Queue Base Running Commands

Question: How do I queue base running commands in MLB 13 The Show?

Answer: You must press the L bumper to make all the runners advance and R bumper to make all the runners return.
If you want one runner to advance only, use the left stick to pick the runner (right for base runner on 1st, up for base runner on 2nd, etc.) the runner should blink then press the base button you want the runner to advance to, triangle for 2nd, square for 3rd and X for home.

Credits: TrevorCorey & Abian1976

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