Mass Effect 3 Citadel Walkthrough

Part 6: Citadel Archives Escape

Next, we must stop an out-of-control scheme before it’s too late. Let’s chase down the Shepard Clone before he escapes from the Citadel Archives.

Next we board the Normandy using a toothbrush of all things! Hey wait a second… is that… yes that’s my Space Hamster!

Part 7: Retake the Normandy & Me VS Me Boss Fight (The Ending)

Time to take back the Normandy from Clone Shepard, Brooks and their Merc army.

The End.

Part 8: Back to the Apartment

With unique content and cinematics featuring your friends and romance interests in the Mass Effect trilogy, Mass Effect 3: Citadel offers one final chance to see the characters you have known for years and rekindle romances.

Part 9: Arcade Action

When the adventure is over, reconnect with your favorite characters from the Mass Effect Trilogy, try your luck at the Citadel’s Silver Coast Casino, blow off steam in the Armax Combat Arena, or explore and furnish Shepard’s own living quarters on the Citadel.

Up next we may throw a party.

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