SimCity 2013 Cheats

Looking for SimCity 2013 cheats on PC & Mac? Here we’ll list SimCity 2013 cheat codes and unlockables with tips for EA’s new city-building sim game.

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SimCity 2013 Cheats

Sandbox Mode Command Cheats

These SimCity cheat codes can be entered into the new SimCity Sandbox mode after pressing Ctr + Alt + C on your keyboard.

  • Add §100,000 to City Budget: Press ALT + W
    What it does: Immediately adds 100,000 simoleon to your City Budget.
  • Toggle Fire On/Off: Press ALT + F
    What disabling it does: Maybe playing with matches is okay after all! Sims no longer worry about fires consuming all they own and burning down the town.
  • Toggle Crime On/Off: Press ALT + C
    What disabling it does: Such nice neighbors! Sims promise to be on their best behavior and commit no crimes.
  • Toggle Sickness & Injuries (Health Issues) On/Off: Press ALT + M
    What disabling it does: They won’t get any older, and they’ll never, ever die. Sims glad that sickness and injury has been eradicated, but what does this mean for overcrowding?
  • Toggle Air Pollution On/Off: Press ALT + A
    What disabling it does: Clear skies! Sims breath easy knowing that they don’t have to worry about air pollution anymore.
  • Toggle Ground Pollution On/Off: Press ALT + P
    What disabling it does: Dump the toxic waste now! Sims no longer have to worry about garbage, waste or industrial mess seeping into the ground.
  • Toggle Homeless Sims On/Off: Press ALT + H
    What disabling it does: Homelessness abolished! Down on their luck Sims find other places to live instead of on the streets.
  • Toggle Sewage On/Off: Press ALT + S
    What disabling it does: Flush with wild abandon! New technology allows all sewage to safely disappear right down the drain without any cost to you!

This video shows you how to activate cheats via Sandbox Mode Commands.

DLC Unlockables

What follows is an overview of the free pre-order bonus DLC pack contents you get with the SimCity Limited Edition “Bonus SimCity Heroes and Villains set”.

• New Characters — Protector of SimCity MaxisMan vs. The Evil Dr. Vu and his henchman.

• Crime Waves — The Evil Dr. Vu is loose and will create havoc in your city. Normal police have their hands full against this Super Villain. The Evil Dr. Vu will solicit Sims to become his henchmen and carry out his dastardly deeds.

• Super Hero HQ – Place MaxisMan’s headquarters in your city to combat crime and keep your Sims safe. Upgrade with the Turbo Machine garage and The Reticulator landing pad.

• Evil Villain Lair – Place Dr. Vu’s Lair in your city to unleash a crime wave. As The Evil Dr. Vu commits more crimes, upgrade his lair with a special laboratory and a garage for the Evil VuMobile.

How to Get Unlimited Water

You can get unlimited water from … raw sewage! Simply place a water pumping station & filtration plant next to a sewage treatment plant, since it creates more brown water than the water filtration station can pump up. So you’ll always have enough water.

This video shows how to implement it in your city.

We also made the handy SimCity 2013 guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

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