Dead Space 3 Glitches

Here are some of the newly discovered Dead Space 3 glitches.

Note that these can of course get patched by Visceral Games at any time, and some already have as listed below. But you should be able to use the here-under listed advantageous glitches for yourself, if they look like fun to you. 🙂

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Dead Space 3 Glitches

Infinite Items Checkpoint Glitch

There’s a glitch in Dead Space 3 that allows you to infinitely respawn items, which after a few times of doing should mean you don’t have to pay for microtransactions. To use this glitch to your benefit, you have to reload the game anytime you see “Save and Progress” text on the top-right of your screen. This saves you right next to places with item boxes and/or locker rooms, leaving the area open for you to farm for Health Packs and Metals.

Examples of glitch locations: At the end of Chapter 5: “Expect Delays”. At the end of Chapter 8: “Off the Grid”, close to Chapter 9: “Onward”.

This will especially come in handy on the Pure Survival and Hardcore difficulty levels.

Here’s a quick video tutorial to show you how to exploit the save system in Dead Space 3. It’s a handy glitch!

Infinite Tungsten Scavenger Bot Farming Glitch

Here’s a similar infinite Tungsten Scavenger Bot glitch, which you can use at any point in Dead Space 3. While playing you can set a Scavenger Bot down on a high yield resource gathering point. Save and Quit the game, then run right back to the exact same high yield resource gathering point and set another Scavenger Bot down for additional high resource farming!

Luckily these glitches can both be used to your benefit.

Glitches discovered by: Deathmule & NGW.

Have you encountered any Dead Space 3 glitches?