Crysis 3 Easter Eggs

Let’s take a look at some funny Crysis 3 easter eggs! They can be found if you know where to look! 🙂

Easter eggs have been confirmed for Crysis 3. Watch footage of them all below.

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Crysis 3 Easter Eggs

Skyrim Meme Easter Egg

Once you get the Predator Bow in Mission 1: Post-Human of the single player campaign, you can for the first time “End an enemy’s career as a CELL operative by wounding him in the knee with an arrow!”, which will unlock The Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim funny meme achievement/trophy titled “Arrow to the Knee!”

Hold down the select-button and set the draw weight to “low”. Choose the Carbon Arrows. This will ensure that you do the least possible damage per shot. Now look for a human enemy and shoot their knee. Tap the RT button on your Xbox 360 controller for just a short moment. If you hold down the button for too long you might kill the Cell Operative in one shot. — Please note that the Cell Operative has to survive this incident.

PS: There’s another video game referencing achievement/trophy titled “Ping Pong!” if you “Kill all Pingers” in Mission 6: Only Human. But it’s not included since no actual interaction takes place, like Pong being played in some way.

Mushroom Trip Easter Egg

In Mission 3: The Root of All Evil, if you walk to the left of the dam’s waterfall, you can pick up a grey mushroom with a smiley face on it. When you take the mushrooms things get multi-colored trippy!

Crocodile Rider Easter Egg

In Mission 3: The Root of All Evil you can unleash the crocodile for a ride! You can activate this easter egg after you blow up the dam. Look for a ground-level pipe with water flowing out of it, this particular pipe has a fish lying on top of it. Walk up to the fish and activate it to make the crocodile appear. Jump on its back and he’ll take you for a piggyback ride!

Dancing Men Easter Egg

This is a funny easter egg in the game’s main menu. From the main menu go to the Nanosuit Showroom, press your right bumper button to go right in the showroom, and you’ll see two men dancing together. Man, those CELL soldiers are really into it haha! 😆

Discoveries made by Powerpyx & IGN.

Have you found any Crysis 3 easter eggs?