Slender The Arrival Cheats

Looking for Slender The Arrival cheats on PC & Mac? Here we’ll list Slender The Arrival cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Mark Hadley’s new horror game.

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Slender The Arrival Cheats

Slender The Arrival Cheat Codes

Slender: The Arrival has a Dev Console that you can access to turn on cheat codes.
First, pressing the tilde ~ key on your PC keyboard to drop down the Dev Console in-game.
Second, here are the codes you can type in that Dev Console. Enter them to activate.

Here’s a list of the cheat codes discovered by Michael P. Most of these are self explanatory. Codes can be triggered by simply entering the code and nothing more. Others require a 1 or 0 at the end of the code, separated by a space, to unlock but this is not required.

god — God Mode. You won’t take damage but you can still suffer effects, so you’ll have to keep your distance from Slenderman.*
toggledebug — I’m guessing this is the master code.
unlockscenes — Allows any/all levels to be playable or vice versa.
lockscenes — Same as above.
master — Toggles on/off the god, sprint, and stamina codes.
progress — Gives you all objectives, for instance 8/8 pages, in the current level.
addprogress — Displays what you’re progress is in the current level.
reload — Restarts the Map.
load — Loads the Main Menu.
unlockscrapbook — Unlocks all items in the scrapbook.

*Note about using God Mode on Level 2 — The Eight Pages can not be won when using god mode. You can turn it on during the game, but as soon as you hit eight pages, you have to turn off god mode in order to achieve victory. Even if you get eight and then turn it off, that works too.

How to stop Slender Man from killing you

Tip 1: Once you hear or spot Slender Man never turn around to face the nothingness that is his face. If he can’t “see” you, he can’t kill you, so go in circles around him — with you facing away/outwards — on your search for the Pages spread around the game world.

By this I mean, if you keep thinking he’s nearby and continue turning around to see if he’s still there behind you, that’s actually how he gets ever more closer to you. In reality you’ll know he’s close-by by seeing the on-screen static appear, so get worried when that happens and not before.

Tip 2: Once Slender Man finds you, and you see him, try to position the in-game camera until Slender Man’s face/part of his body gets obstructed from view behind a tree or stuck behind a car. This way he can’t walk over to you and won’t be able to kill you. You’ll know you’re not dying from the screen not going static, so quickly walk backwards while still facing Slender Man until you are far away enough to make a run for it! Run! Run for your life! 😥

See the trick with Slender Man getting stuck behind a car at 9:10 minutes into PewDiePie‘s video:

How to get all 8 Pages within 20 minutes

To complete the game you’ll need to find 8 Pages hidden around the woods where the evil Slender Man stalks you.

Watch as Yamimash finds all Pages in the game:

Until more Slender The Arrival cheats are discovered, we made the handy Slender The Arrival guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

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