Aliens Colonial Marines Easter Eggs

13 February 2013
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Aliens Colonial Marines Easter Eggs

Let’s take a look at some funny Aliens Colonial Marines easter eggs! They can be found if you know where to look! 🙂

Easter eggs have been confirmed for Aliens Colonial Marines. Watch footage of them all below.

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    Aliens Colonial Marines Easter Eggs

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    Original Crew Lockers

    Location: In Mission 1: Distress after you make it aboard the Sulaco, look for the locker room.
    After entering the Sulaco via the umbilical link at the start of the game, you pass through the cargo bay and find yourself in a locker room. By shining your torch on the locker doors here you can identify all of the Marines from the original crew.

    The names of Hudson, Vasquez, Dietrich, Hicks, Apone, Gorman, Drake, Ferro, Wierzbowski, Spunkmeyer and Frost can all be found by searching the area, with the lockers also displaying the correct military rank for each Marine.

    Secret Easter Egg Room

    Location: In Mission 2: Battle for Sulaco when you find a room with alien eggs painted by kids to resemble easter eggs!
    During Mission 2 you encounter facehuggers for the first time, along with plenty of alien eggs. Moving forwards you find a room where you can see a large group of eggs through a window, and just past the entrance to this room on the right is a Key Pad which doesn’t seem to do anything.

    Activate it then retrace your steps back down the corridor and you’ll find an unmarked door has opened, revealing a hidden room full of facehugger sacs painted to look just like real Easter eggs! There’s also a pile of crayons on a crate and a selection of child’s drawings stuck to the wall – perhaps drawn by Newt herself.

    Hear Newt’s Voice

    Location: In Mission 4: No Hope in Hadley’s when you play the Audio Log from a computer in a room.
    After entering Hadley’s Hope for the first time, go to the side room on the left of the corridor (where the tricycle is) and listen to the audio log. The voice is Ann Jorden (Newt’s mother) relaying events seen in the special edition, where her husband Russ is implanted by a facehugger while investigating The Derelict.

    Towards the end of the recording you hear Newt herself speak, saying her father is waiting for them in the cafeteria. As he was implanted with a chestburster at this point, this is most likely the source of the Xenomorph infestation that wiped out the colony.

    As you move on through Hadley’s you pick up something on your motion tracker, though after investigation this turns out to be a false positive of “somebody’s lost blanket” hanging down from a ceiling fan. As Newt was hiding in the air ducts this almost certainly belongs to her.

    Turrets From The Film

    Location: In Mission 4: No Hope in Hadley’s.
    While exploring Hadley’s Hope you’ll come across two sentry turrets protecting a corridor, one of which is completely out of ammo and the other is down to the final few bullets. These are seen in the special edition of the film, where a Xenomorph attack is thwarted by the guns moments before their munitions supply runs out.

    The ammo count displayed on the sentry turrets is meant to correspond with the film, however the readouts in the game show 04 and 000 whereas in the film the amounts are actually 010 and 000 – perhaps a few more bullets were fired before you arrived…

    Newt’s Doll Head

    Location: As you go through the sewers in Mission 5: The Raven.
    When Newt is found in the film, she is clutching a doll’s head – one of the few toys she was able to salvage while evading the Xenomorphs by hiding in the air ducts. This item can also be found in the game, while traversing the sewers.

    After the checkpoint where you turn on a Sewage Pump and the nearby Xenos explode, turn right at the steps down from the platform, then left at the junction ahead and look down a short tunnel on the right to see the doll’s head on top of a barrel. Finding it also awards the trophy or achievement ‘Mostly Come at Night…’, referencing Newt’s assertion that “They mostly come at night… mostly.”

    Spaceballs Reference

    Location: During Mission 7: One Bullet when you start sneaking into the laboratories.
    In the labs ignore O’Neal and go through the door to your right instead. Head to the far end of this room and you’ll find a straw boater and cane sealed in a containment capsule.

    This is a nod to the Mel Brooks parody film Spaceballs, in which an alien bursts out of John Hurt’s chest (spoofing his role of Kane from the original Alien), then dons a straw boater hat and cane to perform “Hello! Ma Baby” along the diner’s bar before scuttling off.

    Holographic Spaceship Battle

    Location: In Mission 8: Rampart while moving through The Derelict.
    You’ll reach the main control room and find the body of a Space Jockey in the centre. Once you’ve dispatched all the enemies, aim for its head and keeping shooting it there until a holographic recording begins playing.

    This looped projection shows The Derelict in a pitched space battle with an unidentified circular ship, which leads to the craft crash-landing on LV-426 and coming to rest at its current location.

    Sonic 3 & Knuckles Easter Egg

    Location: During the mission objective “Locate the personnel manifest”. Not sure, but this may be in Mission 4: No Hope in Hadley’s.
    There’s a very subtle reference to Sonic 3 & Knuckles in the locker room. After you deactivate the live turret at the entrance door, look inside the middle locker on the right side.

    All discoveries made by CVG; last one by Samus

    Have you found any Aliens Colonial Marines easter eggs?


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