Aliens Colonial Marines Achievements Guide

13 February 2013
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Aliens Colonial Marines Achievements Guide

The Aliens Colonial Marines achievements guide lists every achievement for this Xbox 360 & PC First-Person Shooter game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

There are 50 Achievements (1 Secret) with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points to earn in the Xbox 360 and PC versions.

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    Aliens Colonial Marines Achievements Guide

    1. Another Day in the Corps! (20G) — Complete Distress

    2. Bad Feeling About This Drop (20G) — Complete Sulaco Falls

    3. Quoth the Raven (20G) — Complete The Raven

    4. Still Got a Job to Do (20G) — Complete Rampart

    5. Dragged Queen (20G) — Complete Home

    6. Game Over, Man! (30G) — Complete all Campaign levels on any difficulty

    7. Not Bad For a Human (40G) — Complete all Campaign levels on Hardened difficulty

    8. State of the Badass Art (50G) — Complete all Campaign levels on Ultimate Badass difficulty

    9. Short, Controlled Bursts (20G) — Defeat all Xenomorphs in the Sulaco hangar bay without them crossing your barricade

    Location: Mission 1: Distress
    Shortly after fighting your first group of Aliens you will come to the hangar bay. Your comrade will throw a grenade and blow up a dropship. After that you will have to defend him until he opens a door. Two AI controlled allies are standing behind a barricade. None of the enemies may get behind this barricade! It’s recommended to play on the lowest difficulty Recruit. Stay in front of the barricade all the time. Enemies are much more likely to attack real players than AI controlled ones. You might take a few hits, but the shotgun will kill all Aliens quickly. Once the door is open, fall back immediately!

    10. Fire Drill (20G) — Arm the emergency release and escape in under 2:30 on Sulaco Falls

    Location: Mission 3: Sulaco Falls
    At the very end of mission 3 you will come to some sort of hangar. The relevant section for this trophy / achievement begins as soon as you enter this area. You have two minutes and thirty seconds to activate three switches and enter the dropship. It’s recommended to play on the easiest difficulty (Recruit). This allows you to rush into the enemy groups without dying. Use a shotgun to take them out while running to the next switch. After all switches are activated you simply drop down and go to the dropship. The missions will end here and the trophy / achievement pops during the next cutscene. Make a backup of your save game so that you can try it again without replaying the entire mission.

    11. Mostly Come at Night… (20G) — Find Newt’s doll

    Location: Mission 5: The Raven
    In the beginning of mission 5 you will have to find a way out of the sewers. When you come to the section where sound-sensitive Aliens are walking around you should look out for a switch that powers up a generator. The aliens will run to the generator and explode. Newt’s doll is not far away. Look for three barrels near a yellow light. The doll head is sitting on one of these barrels.

    12. Just a Grunt (20G) — Complete Hope in Hadley’s

    13. No Need For Alarm (20G) — Complete One Bullet without setting off the alarm

    14. Heavy Lifting (20G) — Defeat the Raven in under 1:10 on Soldier difficulty or higher

    Location: Mission 5: The Raven
    Make sure to start this mission on Soldier difficulty! Raven is an Alien boss at the very end of mission 5. You will have to defeat him by using the powerloader. Use the LT button for quick punches. Try to force him into a corner and keep punching very quickly. Sometimes the boss attacks you or runs away. The time is relatively short for this trophy / achievement so it might take a few tries. Be aware that the missions ends as soon as the boss is dead. Pause the game when you do automatically jump out of the powerloader and if nothing pops up reload the checkpoint. You might also want to make a backup of your save game so that you can try it again without replaying the entire mission.

    15. Adios, Muchachos (20G) — Gib two enemies at once

    16. Field Promotion (10G) — Earn Rank 2 as a Marine

    17. Lean and Mean (20G) — Earn Rank 20 as a Marine

    18. I Love the Corps! (40G) — Earn Rank 60 as a Marine

    19. Oorah to Ashes (10G) — Collect a Dog Tag
    20. Remember the Fallen (30G) — Collect all 35 Dog Tags

    To find them all, check out our Aliens Colonial Marines Dog Tags Locations Guide.

    21. Personal Friend of Mine (10G) — Collect a Legendary Weapon
    22. I Like to Keep These Handy (30G) — Collect all 6 Legendary Weapons

    To find them all, check out our Aliens Colonial Marines Legendary Weapons Locations Guide.

    23. Another Bug Hunt (5G) — Complete a Challenge

    24. Stay Frosty (20G) — Complete an entire Challenge category

    25. Distinguished Service Medal (30G) — Complete all Challenges

    26. I Feel Safer Already (10G) — Have another player join your party

    27. Don’t Count Me Out (5G) — Revive a teammate

    28. Ready to Fry Half a City (5G) — Edit a Marine Loadout

    29. Structural Perfection (5G) — Edit a Xenomorph Loadout

    30. Perfect Killing Machine (20G) — Upgrade every Loadout slot for a Xenomorph class

    31. Field Modified, Kill Certified (20G) — Upgrade every slot for a weapon

    32. You Look Just Like I Feel (30G) — Upgrade every Appearance slot once for your Marine

    33. Adaptive Morphology (30G) — Upgrade every Appearance slot once for a Xenomorph class

    34. I Can Handle Myself (40G) — Purchase all Upgrades for a weapon

    35. Majority Shareholder (25G) — Spend 30 Commendations

    36. I Heard THAT (25G) — Collect all 12 Audio Logs

    To find them all, check out our Aliens Colonial Marines Audio Logs Locations Guide.

    37. Entry Prohibited (20G) — Kill 10 Xenomorphs that are using vents

    38. Let’s Rock! (20G) — Kill 10 Xenomorphs in a game with the M56A2 Smart Gun

    39. Need a Deck Of Cards? (5G) — Set up a UA 571-C Remote Sentry

    40. Micro Changes in Air Density (10G) — Track 100 hostile targets with the Motion Tracker

    41. It’s a Dry Heat (20G) — Kill 3 enemies with a single U4 Firebomb

    42. Eat This! (10G) — Kill a Xenomorph with a shotgun at very close range

    43. Coming Outta the Walls! (10G) — Kill a Xenomorph climbing on the walls or ceiling

    44. Secreted from What? (20G) — Kill 5 Spitters without being damaged by acid

    45. No Offense (20G) — Melee a Lurker that is pouncing towards you

    46. Arbitrarily Exterminated (30G) — Kill 2179 Xenomorphs

    47. Anytime, Anywhere (20G) — Kill a Crusher without it damaging you

    48. Love at First Sight (10G) — Survive a Close Encounter with a Facehugger

    49. … But No Cigar (20G) — Rescue a teammate from a Close Encounter

    Secret Achievement:

    50. Easter Egg (5G) — Find the Easter Egg

    Location: Mission 2: Battle for Sulaco
    After opening the door with the loader you need to keep going until you come to the dark area with all the Facehuggers. Kill the Facehuggers and when moving on look out for a blue glowing switch. Activate the switch and go back into the room where you came from. A door now opened up. Go into the room and you should see 4 Alien Eggs on the ground. The trophy / achievement will pop as soon as you enter the room.

    Special thanks to Powerpyx for the tips & guide videos.

    Please comment if you have any Aliens Colonial Marines achievement unlock tips of your own. Kudos will be given. – Thanks for visiting!


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    • John Davis, Bathurst

      My main complaint is the AI of fellow Marines. Would be better if they didnt run off and worked more cooperatively like Modern Warfare. Only other complaint is the poor texture resolution. Hopefully a patch could fix it

    • Yeh that’s true John. Have you had 3 others join you for 4-player co-op? It gets really hilarious because the other AI Marines are still there alongside you so you end up moving through the levels in really cramped hallways lol! 😛

    • One tip for the battle with the Raven is try using R1, as long as you control your motion well it’ll be a little easier due to R1s increased range compared to L1s quick bunny punches.

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