Dead Space 3 Peng Location Guide

Welcome to the Dead Space 3 Peng location guide that helps you find the location of Peng in Dead Space 3 for the PC, Xbox 360 & PS3 survival-horror shooter game.

Finding the Peng location and picking it up will help unlock the following Achievement / Trophy:
* “There’s Always Peng!” (50 Gamerscore / Silver Trophy) — Find Peng.

Where to find the Peng in Dead Space 3? The in-game location for the Peng is described and shown in the below guide.

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Dead Space 3 Peng Location Guide

Where to find Peng in Dead Space 3?

The in-game collectible location for the Peng statue is shown in this detailed video guide:

How to get to the Peng Location?

The Peng statue can be found in Chapter 14: “Everything Has Its Place” in the Research Compound, during the optional mission: “Reaper Barracks”.

In order to unlock the “Reaper Barracks” mission, you’ll need to find the Reaper Barracks Key. This key is located in the room after the first Rosetta body part. After you get the Reaper Barracks Key, you should mark the optional mission in your RIG and follow the waypoints. Shortly after entering the Reaper Barracks you will have to make your way past a spiked piston trap, and the Peng Treasure is located behind the piston. Use Stasis to slow down the piston and use Kinesis to grab Peng.

In short: It’s in the Chapter 14 side mission Reaper Barracks. When you head through the middle of the pump station, turn around and face the pump you just came through, and use kinesis to retrieve the Peng.

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