Dead Space 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 15: “A Change of Fortune” Rosetta Lab

With the pieces of Rosetta returned, Isaac, Ellie, and Carver can now finally assemble the Codex. This missing link should allow them to interface with and shut down the Machine, and ultimately, destroy the Necromorphs forever.

Chapter 16: “What Lies Below” Underground Descent

Tau Volantis’ secret is revealed: the Machine wasn’t created to start Convergence – it was created to stop it. The aliens built the Machine to freeze the true enemy; the Necromorph moon. Isaac must now stop Danik from shutting down the Machine.

Chapter 17: “A Strange City” Alien Ruins

Reaching Danik is becoming more difficult, as he and his crew descend deep into the depths of Tau Volantis. Isaac must catch up to him and retrieve the Codex, before Danik can shut down the Machine that is keeping the Necromorph moon in hibernation.

Chapter 18: “Kill or Be Killed” The Alien Machine

With the Codex back in hand, Isaac and Carver may be able to follow the steps outlined by Serrano two centuries ago, and kill the Necromorph moon once and for all. The key lies in “finishing” the Machine, not turning it off.

Chapter 19: “Endings” Blood Moon

Location: Blood Moon, Convergence Vortex

Convergence has begun! The only chance to save humankind is for Isaac to finish the Machine’s work before it can be destroyed by the Necromorph moon.

The End? Make sure to watch until the very end when the credits are rolling.

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