Dead Space 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 10: “Now We Know” Archeology Compound

Location: Archeology Compound, Excavation Headquarters

Having reunited with Ellie, Norton, and Santos, Isaac learns that their quest to stop the Markers is on the right track. Shutting down the “Machine” seems to be the key, and to find it, Isaac must locate a 200 year-old S.C.A.F. signal-tracking experiment.

Chapter 11: “The Lost Signal” Dissection Hangar

The signal-tracking experiment must be conducted via probing the neural pathways of a creature dubbed the Nexus. By recreating S.C.A.F.’s research, Isaac and Carver may be able to locate their ultimate goal: the Machine that controls all the Necromorphs.

Chapter 12: “Autopsy” Entering the Nexus

Location: Entering the Nexus, Dissection Hangar

Isaac has collected the Nexus probe parts. Now, he must venture deep inside the creature’s enormous, frozen corpse to stimulate its dormant neural pathways. Santos believes that doing this will reveal a signal that points to the Machine’s location.

Chapter 13: “Reach for the Sky” Cliffs of Volantis

The arrival of Danik’s forces on Tau Volantis means that Isaac, Carver, Ellie, and Santos must race to discover the Machine before the Unitologists. The shortest way there involves a treacherous ascent up an icy cliff.

Chapter 14: “Everything Has Its Place” Research Compound

In Order to operate and interact with the Machine, Isaac must first assemble a Codex – a translation device. Before her death, Santos theorized that the Codex could be assembled by following the instructions of somebody named Rosetta…

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