Dead Space 3 Walkthrough

Chapter 5: “Expect Delays” Terra Nova Airlock

Whether they return to Earth, or explore the frozen wasteland of Tau Volantis, Isaac’s team can’t go anywhere until they recover a shuttle. Buckell’s research into the S.C.A.F. manifests shows that there is a shuttle in the Aft Station of the Terra Nova.

Chapter 6: “Repair to Ride” C.M.S. Terra Nova Aft Station

The intra-ship transport system of the Terra Nova is back online. Now, Isaac must venture deeper into the ship to retrieve a working shuttle.

Chapter 7: “Mayhem” C.M.S. Greely

The shuttle Crozier is safely docked at the Roanoke, but it isn’t adequately prepared for the rigors of travel. Isaac and Norton’s crew must work together to salvage parts among the wreckage of the derelict flotilla before they can embark.

Chapter 8: “Off the Grid” Tau Volantis Crash Site

After breaking up on re-entry, Isaac wakes up to discover himself stranded on the hostile plains of Tau Volantis. With this helmet broken, and his crew scattered or dead, Isaac’s only option is to press forward in hopes of finding a way to survive.

Chapter 9: “Onward” Waystation

Isaac discovers a dying Buckell. With that little breath he has left, Buckell explains that most of the crew survived the crash, and ventured on to a facility beyond the ridge. But Isaac will need to fix or change his gear to make the journey himself.

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