Ni No Kuni Walkthrough

22 January 2013
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Ni No Kuni Walkthrough

Part 16: Heading South

Oliver heads towards the coast with hopes of setting sail for a new destination in the south of the world map.

Part 17: Alchemy Attack & Al-Khemi Boss Fight

Oliver finds himself in possession of an alchemy cauldron. Whilst that’s a good thing on paper, the cauldron isn’t empty…

Al-Khemi, the Genie of the Cauldron, joins your party after you tell the Peddler’s pot the magic words “Open Says-A-Me”! But you won’t get Al-Khemi until you’ve proven you can beat him in a boss fight!

Part 18: Her Moojesty’s Cheesy Situation

Oliver attempts to meet with the Queen of Al Mamoon but it’s not as easy as he’d have hoped…

Part 19: Swaine’s Nightmare Boss Fight

Oliver prepares to set sail for new worlds but the thief from earlier causes new problems… Get ready for the Swaine’s Nightmare boss fight with the Void of Restraint.

Part 20: Setting Sail & Shadar (First Encounter) Boss Fight

Oliver, Esther and their new companion Swaine set out for Autumnia but are met on the way by someone unexpected… Shadar, The Executor, in this tough boss fight against the Dark Djinn Shadar (First Encounter).

Shadar Boss Fight Tip: Although at this point in the game your magic isn’t strong enough to defeat Shadar on this first encounter, that doesn’t mean you should give up. Please fight hard to withstand his attacks long enough to weather the storm.

Ni No Kuni Walkthrough continues on Page 5 with Part 21.


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