Ni No Kuni Walkthrough

22 January 2013
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Ni No Kuni Walkthrough

Part 11: Errands in the Sand

Oliver gets a few odd jobs done before heading towards the Temple of Trials.

Part 12: The Temple of Trials & Bashura Boss Fight

Oliver enters the Temple of Trials with Esther to prove his worth. After passing the wizardly puzzle tests, they have to beat the Bashura boss fight, the final test of the Temple of Trials!

Part 13: New Friends in Hot Places

Oliver heads up a volcanic mountain and begins to recruit new friends for his team.

Part 14: Against the Clock to Old Smoky’s Summit

Oliver heads towards the summit of Old Smoky but not before Drippy warns him it’s about to erupt. Sounds dangerous! 😮

Part 15: Volcanic Showdown & Moltaan Boss Fight

Oliver reaches the summit of Old Smoky and comes face to face with someone unexpected… It’s the Moltaan boss fight against the Lord of Lava!

DarkVision’s Boss Fight Tip: To defeat Moltaan faster within 2-3 minutes, you can use the Water Skill or Ice Skill.

Ni No Kuni Walkthrough continues on Page 4 with Part 16.


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