Ni No Kuni Characters List

22 January 2013
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Ni No Kuni Characters List

The Ni no Kuni characters list shows the main cast of characters you’ll encounter in the PS3 exclusive JRPG game.

With the game being co-developed by Japanese developer Level-5 and anime company Studio Ghibli, the characters have a very distinct Ghibli design aided by Level-5’s cel-shaded graphics.

Here’s a Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch trailer showing off the main characters:

Ni no Kuni Characters List

  1. Al-Khemi “The Genie of the Cauldron” — Once found, the Genie of the Cauldron helps Oliver use his cauldron to create new items from old ones via the use of alchemy.
  2. Allie “Oliver’s Beloved Mother” — Oliver’s kind young mother loses her life in a tragic accident. However, Drippy seems to think she resembles someone he has met before in his own world, and leads Oliver on a quest to bring her back.
  3. Drippy “Lord High Lord of the Fairies” — Turned into a doll by the curse of the Dark Djinn, Drippy is brought back to life by Oliver’s tears. – Drippy is of the belief that the pure-hearted Oliver has the power to defeat the Dark Djinn that controls the world, and so he leads him on his adventure.
  4. Esther “The Familiar’s Friend” — Hailing from the desert kingdom of Al Mamoon, Esther is a fearless and lively young girl who loves to sing. But in Motorville…
  5. King Tom Tildrum XIV “King of Ding Dong Dell” — King Tom the XIVth seems to be lazing about, lacking any motivation to rule his kingdom. Under this kind of neglect, what will become of Ding Dong Dell?
  6. Leila — She owns the local milk bar where she sells all sorts of dairy goods and other produce. She is a loving motherly figure who is always willing to help people in need.
  7. Oliver “The Pure-Hearted One” — He’s the main protagonist of the game; an energetic and honest 13 year old boy. He loves tinkering with machines and he and his best friend Phil are always dreaming about cars and contraptions. – Oliver travels with Drippy to the other world in hopes of bringing his mother back to life. His journey will be dangerous, but the many friends he meets will aid him in trials.
  8. Pea “The Mysterious Girl Bathed in White Light” — This strange girl appears suddenly before Oliver. She only seems to show up when Oliver is in trouble…
  9. Queen Lowlah “Cowlipha of Al Mamoon” — Queen Lowlah’s voracious appetite seems to know no bounds, making her grow bigger and bigger. Her subjects show concern, but she just can’t bring herself to stop eating.
  10. Shadar “The Dark Djinn” — The Dark Djinn Shadar has been robbing people’s hearts of their virtues, leaving them brokenhearted. He has also banned magic in the other world, and the people live in fear of him. Defeating him may help save Oliver’s mother.
  11. Swaine “The Lovable Rogue” — The lanky and lithe Swaine is deft of hand, making him a natural pickpocket. He isn’t up for tasks that take much effort, but something about Oliver touches his heart.
  12. The Porcine Prince “Prince of Hamelin” — This young ruler seems to have a distaste for anything beautiful, and passes ludicrous new laws to subjugate his people.
  13. The White Witch — She monitors Oliver’s every move, but her true motives remain shrouded in mystery.

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