Defiance: The Game Beta Keys Giveaway

Trion has opened up the closed beta of Defiance: The Game to European gamers and was nice enough to give us 12 Beta Keys to give away to you! 😀

Be one of the first to try out this hybrid media experience where MMO game developer Trion and sci-fi TV channel SyFy collaborated on a video game and related television series whose worlds will affect one-another through game play and TV story progression from the first day the TV show & game launch on April 15th, 2013.

What should you do to win?

To enter, comment on our website here (in the comments section below) to get a Beta Key via email. So be sure to include your email in the email field when commenting. Yes, it’s that simple! 🙂

The Beta Key gives you closed beta access and lets you be one of the first PC gamers to explore this by Votan aliens terraformed future Earth. – There will be an Xbox 360 and PS3 version of the game as well, but this beta is only for the PC version.

How to redeem your Beta Key:

Step 1: Sign up for a Trion Worlds account here, which will allow you to activate the Defiance Beta.
Step 2: Log in with the Beta Key we emailed you.
Step 3: Start playing Defiance’s Advance Mission Beta 1!

What is Defiance about?

“The series is set in the near future, where aliens known collectively as Votans have come to Earth seeking a new home after their solar system was destroyed. However, when they reached Earth, they discovered despite a prolonged negotiation with the government on Earth, they were not welcome. Rather than turn away, they began a war with the humans as they are determined to make Earth their new home. During the war, the Votans drop terraformers on the planet and transform the surface of the planet; scorching the earth, opening chasms in the ground and covering the surface of the planet in dust and debris. After decades of war, a ceasefire is declared when both sides realize they must focus on survival on this new almost alien planet. The series largely revolves around the character of Jeb Nolan. Jeb was only ten years old when the Votans arrived and he served in the military during the war. With the war now over, he returns to his hometown of St Louis to find it’s is no longer the city he left; it is little more than refugee camp. Deciding his services are needed, Jeb takes up a position as the Chief Lawkeeper in Defiance, so he can protect the town from dangerous clashes between humans, aliens, military scavengers and other dangerous visitors who occasionally enter the town

The game sees you join the futuristic online open-world shooter where thousands of players scour a transformed Earth competing for alien technology. Hunt alone or with others as you improve your skills and level up, unlocking powerful weapons that will help you survive the massive battles that await. While the TV show takes place in St Louis, the game has you explore another now-alien city, San Francisco.

In this Beta you get to explore Mt. Tam, try out competitive multiplayer on the Waterfront and Shadow World maps, as well as play co-op boss battles in Arkfall. The first Beta event will take place from now until 9PM on January 20, 2013.”

To see what the game’s all about, you can watch the making of Defiance “A Transmedia Revolution” trailer here:

Defiance: The Game is in closed beta now, and the finished (also free) game won’t begin until April 15, 2013.

PS: If you’re not in Europe, feel free to comment and let us know in what country you are, where you want Beta Keys too. – That way we can ask about getting more Beta Keys for different parts of the world in the future. 🙂

Update: All the beta keys have been given away guys and girls. Thanks for another successful giveaway!
I’m guessing the speed at which they went (a day) you would like us to do this more often? 🙂