DmC Devil May Cry Ending

17 January 2013
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DmC Devil May Cry Ending

Here’s the DmC Devil May Cry Ending. DmC Devil May Cry spoilers ahead! Only watch these videos after you’ve completed the game yourself. Let’s start a discussion about what you think the ending reveals.

That said, CNN research from Activision & Raptr showed that on average a huge 90% of gamers do not finish their games and turn to the internet to see how it all ends.

Index of DmC Devil May Cry Guides:

DmC Devil May Cry Ending

This video shows the DmC Devil May Cry ending when it’s played on any difficulty and shows what happens after the final Vergil boss fight.

After DmC Devil May Cry is finished and the credits begin to roll, there’s an after-credits scene showing behind-the-scenes footage of Ninja Theory developing the game.

Video credit: XCV

What do you think of the DmC Devil May Cry ending?


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