Lego Marvel Super Heroes Character List

9 January 2013
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Lego Marvel Super Heroes Character List

This is the Lego Marvel Super Heroes character list of the over 150 that are in the game, all playable Lego Marvel Super Heroes characters are listed below.

NOTE: We also have a guide explaining how to unlock all Lego Marvel Super Heroes characters.

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  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes game director James McLoughlin has confirmed that in Lego Marvel Super Heroes players will unlock more than 150 characters from across the Marvel Universe. The 100+ characters — from a library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of Marvel media over the past 70 years — are taken from the Marvel Super Hero Movies, TV Shows & Comic Books, which the creators at TT Games managed to fit into one video game!

    Here’s the Lego Marvel Super Heroes announcement video showing off the main characters.

    The Lego Marvel Super Heroes launch date is on October 18th in Europe & Australasia and on October 22nd in America & Canada for nearly all systems, including: Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, 3DS, DS, PS Vita, PS4 & Xbox One. But not on Wii.

    This game is the follow-up to the hugely successful Lego video games, and will build on them by taking a great many Super Heroes from all sorts of different series and stacking them all together on the same team for comedic effect.

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes Character List

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes Characters

    Confirmed playable characters:

    This list shows the known playable characters in Lego Marvel Super Heroes, and in some cases their Lego Marvel Super Heroes costumes. All in alphabetical order.

    1. A-Bomb — downloadable only
    2. Abomination [Lego Big Figure]
    3. Absorbing Man
    4. Agent Phil Coulson
    5. Agent M
    6. A.I.M. Agent
    7. Aldrich Killian
    8. Arnim Zola
    9. Archangel
    10. Ant-Man
    11. Aunt May
    12. Axel Alonso
    13. Beast
    14. Beetle
    15. Beta Ray Bill — downloadable only
    16. Black Bolt
    17. Black Cat
    18. Black Panther
    19. Black Widow
    20. Blade
    21. Blob [Lego Big Figure]
    22. Bruce Banner
    23. Bullseye
    24. Captain America
    25. Captain America (Classic / Comics)
    26. Captain Britain
    27. Carnage
    28. Colossus [Lego Big Figure]
    29. Cyclops
    30. Damage Control
    31. Daredevil
    32. Dark Phoenix
    33. Deadpool
    34. Doombot
    35. Doombot (V-Series)
    36. Dormammu
    37. Doctor Doom
    38. Doctor Octopus
    39. Doc Ock (Ultimate Spider-Man)
    40. Doctor Strange
    41. Drax the Destroyer
    42. Elektra
    43. Electro
    44. Electro (Ultimate Spider-Man)
    45. Emma Frost
    46. Extremis Soldier
    47. Falcon
    48. Fandral — downloadable only
    49. Frost Giant
    50. Galactus (Playable Mini-Version)
    51. Gambit
    52. Gamora
    53. General Ross
    54. Ghost Rider
    55. Green Goblin
    56. Green Goblin (Ultimate) [Lego Big Figure]
    57. Groot [Lego Big Figure]
    58. Gwen Stacy
    59. Havok
    60. Hawkeye
    61. Hawkeye (Classic Suit) — downloadable only
    62. Heimdall
    63. H.E.R.B.I.E. AKA Humanoid Experimental Robot, B-type, Integrated Electronics
    64. Hogun — downloadable only
    65. Howard the Duck
    66. Hulk [Lego Big Figure]
    67. Human Torch
    68. HYDRA Agent AKA Hydra Goon/Soldier
    69. HYDRA Agent (Golden Armor)
    70. Invisible Woman
    71. Invisible Woman (Future Foundation)
    72. Iceman
    73. Iron Fist
    74. Iron Man (Heroic Age)
    75. Iron Man (Mark 1)
    76. Iron Man (Mark 6)
    77. Iron Man (Mark 7)
    78. Iron Man (Mark 17 / Heart Breaker)
    79. Iron Man (Mark 38 / Hulkbuster) [Lego Big Figure]
    80. Iron Man (Mark 42)
    81. Iron Patriot
    82. J. Jonah Jameson
    83. Jane Foster — downloadable only
    84. Jean Grey
    85. Joe Quesada
    86. Juggernaut [Lego Big Figure]
    87. Kingpin [Lego Big Figure]
    88. Kingpin Henchman
    89. Kraven the Hunter
    90. Kurse — downloadable only
    91. Lady Deathstrike
    92. Lady Liberty Statue (Playable Mini-Version)
    93. Laufey
    94. Leader
    95. Curt Connors
    96. Lizard [Lego Big Figure]
    97. Loki
    98. Magneto
    99. Magneto Acolyte
    100. Malekith the Accursed
    101. Malekith the Accursed (Thor 2: The Dark World) — downloadable only
    102. Maria Hill
    103. Mary Jane Watson
    104. Mastermind
    105. Mini Sentinel
    106. M.O.D.O.K. AKA Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing
    107. Moon Knight
    108. Mister Fantastic
    109. Mister Fantastic (Future Foundation)
    110. Ms. Marvel
    111. Mysterio
    112. Mystique
    113. Nick Fury
    114. Nightmare
    115. Nova
    116. Odin — downloadable only
    117. Pepper Potts
    118. Peter Parker
    119. Phoenix
    120. Polaris
    121. Power Man
    122. Prisoner
    123. Professor X
    124. Psylocke
    125. Punisher
    126. Pyro
    127. Red Hulk
    128. Red Skull
    129. Rescue AKA Iron Man Armor Mark 1616
    130. Rhino [Lego Big Figure]
    131. Ronan the Accuser
    132. Roxxon Guard
    133. Rocket Raccoon
    134. Sabretooth
    135. Sandman
    136. Sand Enemy
    137. Symbiote Scientist
    138. Symbiote Scientist (Normal)
    139. Symbiote Scientist (Hazmat)
    140. She-Hulk
    141. SHIELD Agent
    142. Shocker
    143. Lady Sif — downloadable only
    144. Silver Samurai
    145. Silver Surfer
    146. Spider-Man
    147. Superior Spider-Man
    148. Spider-Man (Future Foundation)
    149. Spider-Man (Symbiote) — downloadable only
    150. Spider-Woman
    151. Squirrel Girl
    152. Star-Lord
    153. Stan Lee
    154. Storm
    155. Super-Skrull
    156. Taskmaster
    157. The Destroyer (Playable Mini-Version)
    158. The Mandarin
    159. Thanos [Lego Big Figure] — downloadable only
    160. Thing [Lego Big Figure]
    161. Thing (Future Foundation) [Lego Big Figure]
    162. Thor
    163. Thor (Classic / Comics)
    164. Toad
    165. Tom Brevoort
    166. Tony Stark
    167. Tony Stark (Underwear)
    168. Union Jack
    169. Venom
    170. Venom (Ultimate) [Lego Big Figure]
    171. Viper
    172. Volstagg — downloadable only
    173. Vulture
    174. War Machine AKA Iron Man Armor Mark 2
    175. Wasp
    176. Whiplash
    177. Winter Soldier
    178. Wizard
    179. Wolverine
    180. Wolverine (With Hood / Cowl)

    Unconfirmed Lego Marvel Super Heroes characters include:
    General (villain), and Foot Soldier (villain).

    It’s logical to think these minifigures from the Lego Marvel Super Heroes Play Sets will eventually make it into the video game as well. We’ll have to wait for the developer Traveller’s Tales Games to confirm more characters throughout the year. So stay tuned to this page, as we’ll keep it updated! 😀

    Here is an artwork gallery of the Lego Marvel Super Heroes characters.

    This trailer from Comic-Con 2013 shows the new LEGO Big Figure characters:

    This next super long video shows all of the characters revealed so far by the makers of the game!

    Please leave a comment if you see missing Lego Marvel Super Heroes characters. Thanks for visiting!

    Who are you looking forward to playing as in Lego Marvel Super Heroes?


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    • Working on the unlockable characters guide right now, it will be up later today, so be sure to check the frontpage! 🙂

    • Eric

      I wish they had ultron,all of the Thunderbolts, iron spider,zemo,and Spider-Man to hulk out and turn into the spider hulk.

    • marquese

      Quicksilver rouge

    • contre

      they are stupid

    • T’omm J’Onzz

      wow. thanks for this list: no Captain Universe, no Longshot, no Nightcrawler, no Vision, and absolutely no reason to buy this game.

    • We just tried the demo last night, My kids will definitely be getting this for Christmas. I thought the graphics, especially the movement and lighting effects, were superb in spite of everything being legos, and the music and sounds were awesome too. You really need to play this with the sound plugged into a stereo.

    • Dev J


    • Guest

      Storm was part of the 4th group of X-men (1975) along with Colossus, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Banshee, Sunfire, and Thunderbird. Angel (Now Archangel), The Beast, and Professor X were the other original members.

    • Christopher Ian Rowan

      Actually, Storm was part of the 4th group of X-men (1975) along with Colossus, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Banshee, Sunfire, and Thunderbird. Angel (Now Archangel), The Beast, and Professor X were the other original members.

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