Black Ops 2: Revolution DLC Release Date

Treyarch’s latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 mobile website update and a store promotional poster have accidentally revealed the first details for the 1st Black Ops 2 DLC, called Black Ops 2: Revolution. Which has been given a release date of January 29, 2013 on Xbox 360 first as a timed exclusive. It’s exclusive for about one month, after which the DLC add-on will come to PlayStation 3 and Windows PC (and possibly Wii U) on February 28, 2013.

The Black Ops 2: Revolution DLC Pack includes:

  • Hydro (Multiplayer Map),
  • Downhill (Multiplayer Map),
  • Grind (Multiplayer Map),
  • Mirage (Multiplayer Map),
  • Die Rise (Zombies Map),
  • “Turned” Zombies Mode (Play as Zombies),
  • Peacekeeper SMG (Bonus Weapon).

Black Ops 2 Season Pass holders will get the first of four DLC’s as part of the $50 package, which you can still get. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy each DLC separately at a slightly higher price per DLC ($10 more total), since each one will set you back 1200 Microsoft Points or $15.

Here you can see the poster as a fan talks about the maps:

You can see the poster confirmation of this early leak at MP1st.

Are you excited for the Black Ops 2: Revolution DLC?