BioShock Infinite Cosplay

Here’s the first official BioShock Infinite Cosplay of Elizabeth! She’s modeled after Anna Moleva in the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 & PC first-person shooter game. Voice work will be done by Courtnee Draper.

Here’s the announcement: “Anna Moleva, who often goes by Ormeli, is a cosplayer from Moscow who has personified other video game characters before. But her uncanny portrayal of Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite really brought her to our attention.

We were so amazed by her dedication and her resemblance to Elizabeth that we decided to ask her if she’d like to be involved in helping bring Elizabeth to life in our box, our key art and our upcoming television ad.

We are very pleased and delighted to announce that Anna is the official face of Elizabeth! We also hope to have her make special appearances at select events as well so keep a look out!”

BioShock Infinite Cosplay

Here’s the BioShock Infinite image gallery of Anna Moleva cosplaying as Elizabeth.
Click on any of these image thumbnails to see the full-size Elizabeth cosplay photos:

How was the Elizabeth costume made?: “I didn’t rush it, so it took me about a month or two. If I put together the actual time that I worked on it, it would probably be a week or so.

The most difficult part of making the costume was deciding on the image. 😀 The thing is that I first saw Liz as she appeared initially: a different hairdo, a different costume. Then game developers changed the way she looked. I put away the fabrics I had selected and was like, “Okay, no problem.” I started planning another costume, when they changed her appearance again! I remember pacing around my apartment, furious: “Dear developers! How can one cosplay a character whose appearance is constantly changing?! 😀 ”

Watch the inspiration for this cosplay from 2011’s BioShock Infinite “Promise me… You will not let him take me back!” gameplay demonstration here:

Here’s an interview with the Elizabeth voice actress Courtnee Draper & Booker DeWitt voice actor Troy Baker talking about the creative process of bringing life to the characters of BioShock Infinite.

In the second behind-the-scenes video, Irrational Games Creative Director Ken Levine and voice actors Troy Baker and Courtnee Draper discuss the performance processes.

And lastly, here’s a Russian interview with the Elizabeth cosplayer Anna Moleva:

Photographs by: E.Satanovskiy via Irrational Games; Model is: Anna Moleva AKA Ormeli; Videos by: BioShock Infinite.

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