Deus Ex: Human Revolution Movie Trailer (Fan-Made)

This awesome Deus Ex: Human Revolution Movie Trailer is a teaser for a fan-made short film based on the Deus Ex: Human Revolution video game. The creators added: “We are working really hard to get the short film done as soon as possible.”

This may not be the Deus Ex Movie in the planning at CBS Films. But very much like the Half-Life 2: Escape from City 17 Part 1 & Part 2 and Portal: No Escape short films, this Deus Ex: Human Revolution love-letter goes above and beyond for a fan-made effort.

Click on these image gallery thumbnails to see the full-size photos of the actors:

Watch the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Movie trailer here:

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Short Cast:

Adam Jensen: Moe Charif
Megan Reed: Liannet Borrego
Yelena Fedorova: Shayna Nicole E’orio
James: Antoni Corone

Written and Directed by Moe Charif
Produced by: Giovanni Mancini and Moe Charif
Director of Photography: Angel Barroeta
Visual Effects: Mauro Rondan
Stylist: JR Martinez – Costume Design: JR Martinez | Gordon Tarpley
Stunt Choreographer / 2nd Unit Director: Juan C. Bofill

“I NEVER ASKED FOR THIS!” -Adam Jensen about his augmentations.

The makers are asking for fan feedback… I gotta say I’d love to see a full Deus Ex movie made by these people. Top cast for Adam, Megan & badguys, high quality camera work, fantastic CGI action, it’s got the works to make a great short film! 😀

Update: When asked about a released date for the full fan-made live-action movie, the creators answered: “It’s getting there. We’ll have an update on the release date towards the end of April [2013].”

Update: Here’s the full 12-minutes-long Deus Ex short film:

And a behind-the-scenes of the making of the short film Human Revolution:

What do you think of this fan-made Deus Ex: Human Revolution Movie?