Street Fighter X Mega Man Soundtrack

Luke Esquivel AKA A_Rival is the maker of the Street Fighter X Mega Man soundtrack. He’s a Chiptune artist who seamlessly mixed popular tunes from both the Mega Man and Street Fighter 8-bit series, like Snake Man’s theme from Mega Man 3 with Dhalsim’s theme from Street Fighter II, to create new Chiptune mixes for the fan-made free action-platform PC game.

The free or choose-your-own-price soundtrack is currently available as a digital download through Bandcamp!

Here’s what Capcom has to say about the 22-track album:
“We also have an incredible 8-bit soundtrack from A_Rival, who’s expertly blended SF and MM tunes to create a truly unique body of work. Flash Man mixed with Ryu? Snake Man mixed with Dhalsim? Too cool. This mashup style is also present in the boss battles – if you know how Blanka and Rose behave in SFIV, you’ll have an idea how to approach them in SFxMM.”

Here’s the “Making of the Street Fighter X Mega Man” video:

Street Fighter X Mega Man Soundtrack

1. Main Theme 01:02
2. Select Your Fighter 00:28
3. Blanka Stage 01:55
4. Chun Li Stage 01:33
5. C Viper Stage 02:12
6. Dhalsim Stage 01:17
7. Urien Stage 01:50
8. Rolento Stage 02:12
9. Rose Stage 01:38
10. Ryu Stage 01:49
11. Boxer Stage 01:46
12. Claw Stage 01:46
13. Seth’s Lab 01:21
14. Dictator Final Battle 02:02
15. Ending 02:15
16. Get Your Weapons Ready 00:32
17. Akuma Theme 01:43
18. Goes With Everything 02:16
20. Continue 00:20
21. VS 00:06
22. Boss 00:42

…And here are 8 samples of the music in Street Fighter X Mega Man: Opening Theme, Ryu’s Stage BGM, Rose’s Stage BGM, Rolento’s Stage BGM, Dhalsim’s Stage? BGM, Crimson Viper’s Stage BGM, a double, Blanka’s Stage BGM, and Chun-Li’s Stage BGM.

What’s your favorite song on the Street Fighter X Mega Man soundtrack?

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