Far Cry 3 Skill Trees Guide

14 December 2012
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Far Cry 3 Skill Trees Guide

Want to know all Far Cry 3 Skill Trees? You’ve come to the right place for a guide!

Ubisoft have released the Far Cry 3 Skill Tree video and complete skills list. 🙂

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    Far Cry 3 Skill Trees

    To quote Far Cry 3’s lead game designer Jamie Keen about how the different skill trees manifest themselves in-game:

    “The tattoo is about Jason becoming one with the Rakyat, following the path of the warrior and getting closer to the rebels in the world. Every time you get a new skill, you’re going to have a corresponding tattoo appear on your arm – it’s going to depend on the route that you have taken.”

    In the below Far Cry 3 Skill Tree guide, Ubisoft’s Dan Hay explains how they tie into how you play the game.

    Next, a video guide shows you through the different skill trees and classes.

    The Heron skill tree guide

    The Heron = Long-range Takedowns & Mobility.

    • Cook Grenades: Allows you to hold the grenade button to cook a grenade.

    • Hip Shooter: Gives you better hip-fire accuracy with SMGs, pistols and shotguns.

    • Syringe Potency: The effects from Syringes that you create will last 25% longer.

    • Aimed Reload: Allows you to reload any pistol or sniper rifle while aiming.

    • Death from Above: Press a button to kill an enemy directly below you with x5 experience per kill

    • Death from Below: Press the Right Stick kill an enemy on a climbable ledge with x5 experience per kill.

    • Enhanced Syringe Potency: Effects from crafted syringes will last 50% longer.

    • Deep Breath: Stay underwater longer.

    • Steady Aim: Pressing a button while looking through a scope will keep the weapon steady twice as long.

    • Long Gun Expert: You have better accuracy while firing from the hip with assault rifles, sniper rifles, and LMGs.

    • Line Gunner: Allows you to shoot certain weapons while on the zipline.

    • Soft Landing: Fall damage is lessened by 25%.

    • Cool Gunner: 10 Mounted Gun Kills; Mounted guns fire longer before overheating.

    • Breath Control: You can steady an aimed gun 4 times longer.

    • Marathon Man: Collect 5 Relics; You can sprint faster.

    • Dual Death From Above: 1 Death from Above Takedown; You can now jump down and kill 2 enemies for x7.5 XP per kill.

    • Dual Death From Below: 1 Death from Below Takedown; You can now kill 2 enemies above you for x7.5 XP per kill.

    • Gunslinger Takedown: 10 Handgun Kills; Allows to take an enemy’s pistol and kill others with it.

    The Spider skill tree guide

    The Spider = Stealth Takedowns & Survival.

    • Sprint Slide: While sprinting, you can press a button that will cause you to go into a slide.

    • Jungle Run: You can move quicker while crouched.

    • Takedown Drag: Allows you to drag and hide bodies after performing a normal takedown.

    • Running Reload: Lets you reload your weapong while sprinting.

    • Expert Archery: Their is less movement when you are zoomed in with the bow.

    • Expert Swimmer: Move 25% quicker in water when you hit a button.

    • Horticulture 101: Obtain 2 times more items from plants then you normally would.

    • Dealmaker: Complete 3 Wanted Dead Quests; Get 25% more money when selling your loot items.

    • Penny Pincher: Find more money on dead bodies.

    • Stone Wall: Less chance of being knocked over by enemies and take less damage from animals.

    • Zoology 101: Get twice as many items from dead animals.

    • Loot Takedown: After any takedown, automatically loot the body.

    • Knife Throw Takedown: Perform a takedown, and throw the victim’s knife at another enemy.

    • Ninja Step: 2 Outposts Liberated without being detected; Lowers the amount of noise you make while walking and sprinting.

    • Combat Archery: Drawing and firing arrows is done 50% faster.

    • Nimble Fingers: Reload pistols, SMGs and shotguns 25% quicker.

    • Quick Swap: Bringing up iron sights and switching weapons is faster.

    • Nimble Hands: Reload assault rifles, sniper rifles and LMGs 25% quicker.

    The Shark skill tree guide

    The Shark = Assault Takedowns & Healing.

    • Takedown: This skills give you the ability to quietly kill an enemy from behind, giving you triple experience.

    • Adrenaline: Health bars that aren’t empty refill 50% faster.

    • Improved First Aid: Allows you to heal yourself without medicine.

    • Advanced Conditioning: Gain another health slot.

    • Field medic: Medical Syringes restore 4 health slots.

    • Field Surgeon: Medical Syringes restore 6 health slots.

    • Chained Takedown: String together up to 10 takedowns, giving you 10 times more experience per kill.

    • Ironsides: Reduce damage taken from explosions by 50%.

    • Fire Retardant: Damage taken from fire is cut in half.

    • Evasive Driving: Commandeered vehicles take half as much damage.

    • Heavy Beatdown: Kill one Bull Shark; Special Heavy attack; 5 times more XP per kill.

    • Grenade Takedown: 5 kills with grenades; Activate an enemy’s grenade before pushing him away; x5 XP per kill.

    Thanks to Ubisoft & LaWOGGamer for the skill tree guide videos.

    What’s your favorite Far Cry 3 Skill Tree so far?


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