Far Cry 3 Weapons Guide

5 December 2012
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Far Cry 3 Weapons Guide

This Far Cry 3 weapons guide will show you how to unlock all secret Far Cry 3 signature weapons with guns unlocks. And how to best use them to kill all enemies that dare stand in your way!

The Far Cry 3 weapons list and strategy guide follow here-under.

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Far Cry 3 Weapons Guide

This video guide shows all Signature Weapons and Guns Unlocks.

Tip: Powerful weapons cost more in stores, but can be obtained for free by activating enough radio towers.

Far Cry 3 Weapons List

Signature Weapons:

AMR Z93 Sniper Rifle — Unlocked By: Finding 20 Relics. Then buy it at the store for $4,800.
Bull M133 Shotgun — Unlocked By: Finding 10 Relics. Then buy it at the store for $3,010.
Bushman P416 Assault Rifle — Unlocked By: Activating All The Radio Towers. Then buy it at the store for $3,800?.
Cannon .44 Magnum Revolver — Unlocked By: Exchanging Uplay Points for the “Revolving gift” Uplay Rewards redeem code (login to Uplay.com account before you begin playing Far Cry 3 to get Uplay Points for finishing the game).
Japanese Tanto Knife — Unlocked By: Finding 6 Letters of the Lost.
Ripper MKG Light Machine Gun — Unlocked By: Completing 6 Trails Of The Rykyat. Then buy it at the store for $4,200.
Shadow 1911 Pistol — Unlocked By: Taking Over 17 Enemy Camps. Then buy it at the store for $2,800.
Shredder Vector .45 ACP Submachine Gun — Unlocked By: Collecting 10 Memory Cards. Then buy it at the store for $3,275.


• IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX
• Kimber Warrior
• Makarov PB
• Orion Flare Gun
• Smith & Wesson Model 629
• Type 10 Flare Gun

Submachine Guns:

• Agram 2000
• Heckler & Koch MP5N
• Izhmash PP-19 Bizon-2
• Skorpion Vz. 61
• TDI Vector


• Franchi SPAS-12
• Baikal MP-133
• Winchester Model 1887

Assault Rifles & Battle Rifles:

• AK-103
• Galil ACE 53
• Patriot Ordinance Factory P416
• SIG SG 552-2
• Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16

Sniper Rifles:

• Remington M40A5
• SVD / SVD-M Dragunov
• Zastava M93 Black Arrow

Machine Guns:

• FN Minimi
• STK Ultimax 100 Mark 3


• GM-94
• LPO-50 Flamethrower
• RPG-7


• C4
• Fictional mine
• M26 Hand Grenade

Mounted Weapons:

• DShK Heavy Machine Gun
• FN Minimi
• Type 10 Dual Purpose Gun
• Type 97 Light Machine Gun
• Type 99 Cannon

Official weapons overview trailer:

Rain bullets on your enemies in Far Cry 3 with an arsenal of customizable weapons and combat abilities. Whether you’re ambushing enemies with deadly SMGs, executing close-quarter takedowns, or setting the jungle ablaze with a flame thrower, you can get that perfect kill with your own personal touch of chaos. You can do this by customizing, upgrading & modifying any weapon you choose. Throw in tattoo special abilities you can acquire along the way, and you’ll truly become an effective fighting machine who strikes fear into all your enemies.

Combat & Weapons Tactics Guide

This video guide shows that you can customize, upgrade and modify any weapon in Far Cry 3.

Follow Dan Hay for a new briefing on the island. Learn how to desactivate radio tower and take control of outposts to free the island for your foes’ domination! To do so, you will have access to many vehicles and a wide range a different weapon available, all customizable to your fighting style.

To survive the jungle, you’ll have to gain Xp to access new skills: Do you prefer wide range sniper approaches, stealth techniques or massive brute strength? The choice is yours: your fight, your rules.

Thanks to Ubisoft & Criss for the weapon guides.

What’s your favorite weapon in Far Cry 3?


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