Giveaway: KingsRoad Beta Keys

KingsRoad developer Rumble Entertainment was nice enough to share 250 Beta Keys with us. Be one of the first to try out this new Diablo-like high fantasy action-RPG and crush evil with your Facebook friends!

What should you do to win?

To enter, comment on our website here or on our Facebook page to get a Beta Key invite link in a reply. Yes, it’s that simple! 🙂

The Beta Key invite link gives you closed beta access and includes a starter pack of premium Gems currency to kick start your journey.

How to redeem your Beta Key:

Step 1: Click on the Beta Key invite link we give you.
Step 2: Log into Facebook if you are not already logged in.
Step 3: Start crushing!

What is KingsRoad about?

“Join your friends for real-time co-op action in KingsRoad, the first fully immersive role-playing game on browsers and Facebook. As you journey through Alderstone, you’ll unlock powerful new abilities and acquire new weapons to assist in reclaiming the land and help defeat unimaginable evils. Sound a call to arms, unsheathe your sword, and open your browser for an epic adventure like no other!”

Key Game Features:

  • Real-time co-op: Join up with your friends in a stunningly rendered world.
  • Non-stop action: Engage in gritty, visceral combat in your quest to rid the kingdom of evil.
  • Tons of loot: Collect a staggering amount of loot on your journey and fully customize your hero.

To see what the game’s all about, you can watch the KingsRoad debut gameplay trailer here:

KingsRoad is in closed beta now, and open beta won’t begin until early 2013.