Angry Birds Art Display (Nerdy News)

“Nerdy News” is a mini-news show geared towards gamers, technosexuals, and all other geeky peeps.

In this ninety-second episode of Nerdy News, I’ll be reporting on:

  • Farm Town is just a humble Facebook game, but for Lisa Miller it was a way to help her daughter.
  • New details about Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox 720 have been released.
  • Father of the Year and gamer Mike Hoye wanted to share The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker with his young daughter.
  • Evan Roth created a 300 sheet visualization of the gestures used to beat every Angry Birds level.

Here’s the new episode of Nerdy News!

What do you think?

Which, if any, Facebook games are your favorite? Have social media games allowed you to connect with more people? Are you impressed or underwhelmed by the new details about Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox 720? What features would convince you to buy and what are you willing to pay for a next-gen console? Both of my parents play video games and encouraged their sons and daughters to play, what about yours? Do you or will you play video games with your kids?

If you have any advice or tips on how I can improve these videos let me know in the comments! Thanks for all of your opinions! ^_^