Hitman Absolution Easter Eggs

Let’s take a look at some Hitman Absolution easter eggs! They can be found if you pay attention! 🙂

Easter eggs have been confirmed for Hitman Absolution. Watch videos of them all below.

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Hitman Absolution Easter Eggs

Nuke Explosion Easter Egg

To find it go to the mission “Dexter Industries – Factory Compound” and make your way into the building. Once inside shoot the Nuke hanging from the ceiling and enjoy the cutscene.
Please note that you will go “Game Over” by doing this easter egg, but obviously the nuclear explosion is worth it!

Kane and Lynch Easter Egg

Kane and Lynch have been found in Hitman Absolution! Kane is at the trucker & biker bar. While Lynch can be found at the gun range.
PS: Maybe it’s a hint from IO Interactive (the developer of both game series) that Kane & Lynch 3 is possible?

Loch Ness Monster Easter Egg

Here’s where to find the Loch Ness Monster Easter Egg in Hitman Absolution. After shooting two bronzed shell-fossils in the livingroom of a water-side mansion, Nessie will pop his head out of the water for a moment.

Ice Cream Truck Easter Egg

Fun in the desert in Hitman Absolution. At the desert later in the game, shoot down all the vultures you see in the dead trees and the ones flying around. Then the shirtless man will walk over to a set spot in the desert, keep your eye on him, but also keep your distance from him. Now we wait for the ice cream truck to cool us down…

Mini Ninjas Easter Egg

To find it go to the mission “Rosewood” and go to the spots shown in the video below. You will come across little statues of Hiro From the game Mini Ninjas, which is also developed by IO Interactive (the Hitman Absolution developer).

Double Rainbow Easter Egg

To find it go to the very last level called “Absolution” and go to The Crematorium. Once there you’ll see only one rainbow. Next, destroy all the statues found throughout that area. When you destroy the last one you should hear a sound and then the double rainbow will appear in the sky.

The original video explains the “Double Rainbow Meme” AKA Stoner asks “Double rainbow, what does it mean?”:

“Allan” Easter Egg

To find it go to the mission “Birdie’s Gift” and start the mini-game. Try to get your score to 666. The easiest way to do this is by playing the level on Easy difficulty mode. Once the mini-game ends you should see the hidden message.

Space explains the “Allan Meme”: ‘Allan was a developer who worked on Hitman: Blood Money who forgot to add more details to an item in the game and they just shipped it out with the description of the item just saying “Allan please add details.” People later found out and it turned into a meme. It’s funny to see IO interactive joke about it here.’

Laughing Pig Easter Egg

To find it go to the mission “Death Factory – Test Facility” and follow where I go in the video. When you come across the pig shoot him and something strange will happen.

Discovered by: IGN, Roosterteeth & Teamlag

Have you found any Hitman Absolution easter eggs?