Black Friday 2012 Video Games Deals

Many video game carrying (web)stores including have started revealing their upcoming Black Friday 2012 Video Games Deals often with over 50% discounts!

Considering there will be hundreds of deals on Black Friday, here are the full overview links:

As always the case at retail stores, expect the really good deals on game consoles, HD 3D TV’s (perfect for gaming right?), video game accessories, and cheap video games, to only be available in limited quantities at each store. – Stay tuned to their respective websites for even more online-only deals.

Here’s Laura’s newest episode of Nerdy News covering the best of the various Amazon, Walmart & GameStop video game deals:

PS: I wouldn’t expect anywhere to have Wii U consoles in stock for long, they keep selling out as soon as word gets around.

Have you seen any good Black Friday video games deals?