Lego Lord of the Rings Treasure Chests Locations Guide

Our Lego Lord of the Rings Treasure Chests Locations Guide shows all the criteria necessary to collect all 180 Treasure Chests in the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, PS Vita, DS & 3DS game. This is essentially the Lego Lord of the Rings Minikits Locations Guide.

Goal: There are 180 total, 10 Treasure Chests per each of the 18 levels of the game. Having all 10 for a level completes a minikit that can be viewed in Rivendell in a building with a picture of a treasure chest on it.

Remember, you need to select free play to replay story missions being able to use all characters you have unlocked. I first suggest you have all characters unlocked before you go for many of these just to be fully safe you have all abilities needed for all collectibles in all levels. It is not a must, but it would greatly help.

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Lego Lord of the Rings Treasure Chests Locations Guide

“Prologue” Treasure Chest Locations

Here’s how to find Treasure Chests in this guide for Lego Lord of the Rings.

Protip: Go and find the “Treasure Chest Finder” Red Brick first (known in previous games as the “Minikit Piece Finder”). It’ll make it a lot easier to find all the Jewel Treasure Chests around you wherever you are. You can either unlock it using the A24TVJ cheat in the pause menu’s “Extras” Enter Code section, or find it in Middle-earth.

Below we’ve listed the Treasure Chests in the order you might find them in as you progress through the game. Take the following steps to unlock each one; where available.

Part 1 of the Lego Lord of the Rings Treasure Chests video guide shows #1 to #10:

Here we will give you voice-over tips to help you find all Treasure Chests in Level 1 “Prologue”.

Treasure Chest #1 — Right at the start, go to the top left of the area and switch to Sam. Then simply dig up the chests buried there.
Treasure Chest #2 — Also at the top of the opening area is a log of sorts. As Legolas, jump onto it to aim his bow and shoot targets off in the north. You will likely only be able to hit a couple from there, so you might have to move on the ground to the left or right to hit one or two. When all targets are hit, the chest is automatically added.
Treasure Chest #3 — After the battle with the large Sauron you are in the next area with lava ahead. Instead of going forward, have a tall character throw Gimli at the cracked brick on the north wall and go in the revealed secret area. Inside is a morgul statue (orange and black brick) that you have to destroy as either Aragorn or Sauron. There are four more later in the level – one is right past the hot air vents, at the bottom right of the screen. The next statue is after jumping up above the cave mentioned in 7 – it will also be at the bottom of the screen. The last two are on either side of the large door in front of which you have to fight a ton of enemies.
Treasure Chest #4 — Also in the same cave as 3, in the top left corner is a rope point for Sam. Use it to reach a higher platform. Switch one character to Gimli and have the other character switch to a tall character to throw Gimli at the cracked brick across the gap to destroy it (you can jump over to it, but for whatever reason you need to throw Gimli at it for it to be destroyed). Then, switch to Gollum to climb the wall to reach the highest point. There, destroy the morgul brick as Aragorn or Sauron to make the chest appear below.
Treasure Chest #5 — Back outside the cave, when you jump across the first lava gap there will be hot air that blows out of two vents. You need to block both for the chest to appear. First, have a tall character throw Gimli at the cracked brick. Doing so makes a pile of bricks you can put together to block the first vent. Then, have any character with a bow shoot the target near the second vent to block that one. After a brief cutscene, the chest appears.
Treasure Chest #6 — In the same area as the vents, you can use Sam’s rope to pull a rock with a chest on it in the second lava gap. Then jump to the chest.
Treasure Chest #7 — Across the gap mentioned in 6, before jumping up to the next area, use Frodo’s light phial to walk into the dark cave and pick up the chest.
Treasure Chest #8 — Once you go up from the cave in 7, at the top of the area will be morgul bricks so destroy them as Aragorn or Sauron and the chest is behind them.
Treasure Chest #9 — Outside of the large door that does not open until you defeat a lot of enemies and where the final two statues for chest 3 were, off to the right of the door is a mithril cage you have to destroy with the Berserker’s bombs or with mithril fireworks. Doing so reveals a hobbit hole so go through it as a small character and the chest is in the area where you exit the tunnel up top.
Treasure Chest #10 — In the last area of the level, the long thin bridge above the lava. Above the door you just came in, use a character with a bow to shoot the target above the door to knock down the chest.

“The Black Rider” Treasure Chest Locations

Part 2 of the Lego Lord of the Rings Treasure Chests video guide shows #11 to #20:

Here we will give you voice-over tips to help you find all Treasure Chests in Level 2 “The Black Rider”.

Treasure Chest #11 — At the very start of the level, on the left side of the screen switch to Lurtz or Sauron and pull the strong bad to enter a secret area. One of the two chests in here comes from blocking off mole holes to make him come up the one in the middle which reveals the brick. First, use a character with a bow to shoot a target on rocks in the air to make them fall and block one hole. Second, have a character jump onto the vine under the object in the gap of the two platforms at the back of the cave. You have to hang on until the piece is fully pulled down. Now use Legolas to jump up top and walk across to the other platform. There, switch to Gimli and ground pound the cracked brick to block the second hole. Third, once you drop down go to the bottom left of the screen and use Sam’s fire ability to start a fire that will block off the third hole as debris falls. Finally, go to the dark cave on the right side and enter it as Frodo and stand on the mole hole inside to block that one which makes the mole come up the middle one, revealing the brick.
Treasure Chest #12 — As you are working your way toward getting 1, you will pick up another chest in the upper area of the secret cave where you had to use Gimli to ground pound the cracked brick.
Treasure Chest #13 — Now in the main part of the level, early on you should see patches of light behind a tree along the path just before you come to a huge lego tree. Simply walk behind the small normal tree where the light should be visible to pick up the chest.
Treasure Chest #14 — A little further along the path will be a tree with a hobbit hole/tunnel in it right before a stream. In the stream on the back left side is a mithril block you have to destroy with the Berserker’s bombs or mithril fireworks to get the chest.
Treasure Chest #15 — During the Gandalf/ Sarumon battle, try and have Sarumon stunned when he is in front of the yellow and purple door. To do this, keep running to the side he is headed toward to make him go the other way. When you are able to pick him up and throw him, aim him to hit the door, which makes the chest come out to be able to be picked up.
Treasure Chest #16 — Once you are back on the forest path, there will be 5 bird’s nests you will have to shoot as a character with a bow. The first is just in front of you as you return to the path sequence, aim up at the nest and hit it. Two and three will be just a little further along the path, where you have to go over the big fallen tree trunk. PLEASE NOTE – number 7 will come up before the final nests so be sure to read that one first. The final two nests will be in the area where you had to distract the black rider with bees and where chests 8 and 9 are. Aim high up to hit them and you will get the chest.
Treasure Chest #17 — After just crossing a large fallen tree along the path, destroy the bushes now on your left that were up against the fallen tree. Doing so will reveal a cracked brick so switch to Gimli to destroy it and then walk into the fallen tree to get the chest.
Treasure Chest #18 — Just after you make the black rider move ahead from being attacked by bees, the spider web blocking the opening at the bottom of a tree is destroyed. Switch to Gimli and climb the wall inside the tree to get the chest.
Treasure Chest #19 — In the same area as 8, on the ground, advance to the right in the hollowed out fallen tree trunk and as Sam use the dig point about ¾ down the fallen tree trunk.
Treasure Chest #20 — PLEASE NOTE – This one can be difficult and frustrating because it comes during the final sequence where you are constantly running away from the rider because if you miss it you must redo the level. The chest will be on the right side, so my best suggestion is to stick to the right side and keep jumping as you constantly run toward the bottom of the screen. That should best assure you will get the chest, but I had to do the entire level over 3 times until I got it.

“Weathertop” Treasure Chest Locations

Part 3 of the Lego Lord of the Rings Treasure Chests video guide shows #21 to #30:

Here we will give you voice-over tips to help you find all Treasure Chests in Level 3 “Weathertop”.

1) In the area that begins the level, up on the back wall is a rope point so switch to Sam and pull it down to get the chest.
2) The small upward path below the rope point in 1 leads to an archery pole point so shoot it and as Legolas swing jump to the chest that appears.
3) Still in the opening area at the left part of the area in the back wall is one of the small dark caves where you need to use Frodo’s light phial. So use him and do it to enter and get the chest.
4) In the second area, after you have crossed the small bridge and used a couple Sam dig points you will jump up a flower’s leaves and there will be a hobbit hole on the left. But, before using it, as Legolas, from standing on the flower, jump to the right and slide across the poles to reach this chest.
5) A little further you will need to use both characters to jump onto vines to advance in the level. Right where you have to do that is a strong pull bar so use it as Sauron or Lurtz to get this next chest.
6) Just after 5, in the raised area to the right, on the right side you have to use Gimli to destroy a cracked brick and the chest is in the revealed area.
7) In the same area as 6 you will see two purple flowers. Hit them and you will have progress toward I believe it is 5 you need total for the level. The others are very hard to miss and are in the next sections of the level. I’m sorry I do not remember the exact locations as I got this the first time I ever played the level, before I ever recorded. But, again, they are the bright purple flowers and you need only melee the few of them to make the chest appear.
8) In the final circular area with the ringwraiths, use Legolas to shoot three targets toward the top of the screen, one on the right of the area and two on the left.
9) On the left side of the final area, as the Berserker destroy mithril blocks to reveal pieces you must put together with B. Now, switch to Frodo and come over to that same left side and turn the crank to get the chest.
10) Switch off of Frodo so you are back to the non-hazy version of the area and at the back left of the area, use Lurtz or Sauron on the strong pull bar to get this final chest.

“The Pass of Caradhras” Treasure Chest Locations

Part 4 of the Lego Lord of the Rings Treasure Chests video guide shows #31 to #40:

Here we will give you voice-over tips to help you find all Treasure Chests in Level 4 “The Pass of Caradhras”.

1) There will be 5 skeletons wearing golden helmets you have to destroy in the level. The first is right to the left at the start of the level. The second is a little further into the level where a hobbit hole comes out into a dark area where you must push a block down to advance, but the skeleton is sitting in the back right corner where the block began. PLEASE NOTE – the last three will be in areas after other chests, so be conscious of that. The third will be in a campground underhang after you slid across a long pole and handed there – the skeleton will be at the back, just to the left of a tent. The fourth will be after you shot the bow to make a wire to walk across to reach the next section – on the right side of that area is a Gimli cracked brick and even more right in the skeleton. The fifth and final skeleton is on the right after using a hobbit hole you will need to go through to advance the level.
2) Across a deep snow area you will see a drop off on the right side of the screen and at the top will be a cracked brick for Gimli to destroy. But, at the bottom of the screen, on a little ledge area will be the first of four flags you must hit in the level. PLEASE NOTE – As with most of these multiple-part collectibles, some will be after other chests, so be aware of all chest locations before just going for only these. The second flag is quite further in the level, after the camp are and some jumps up, you will have to throw Gimli at a cracked brick to be able to jump up and advance. But before going up, over to the left is the flag. The third flag is on another small ledge at the bottom of the screen, this time when big snowballs are falling along the path. And the fourth flag is after crossing a pole in the section after 5, and on the right side of the screen is the flag – be sure to hit it before jumping up and advancing.
3) As you advance through the level, you will have a wire be extended from a campground across a gap. Go across the wire and gap and on the right side of the landing area will be a cracked brick to destroy as Gimli. This reveals pieces to put together a snowman with a target on him. Shoot the target as Legolas to get the chest.
4) Just as the part of the path where snowballs are falling ends will be a bunch of mithril blocks closing off a cave. Use the beserker’s bombs or mithril fireworks to blow open the cave and pick up the chest.
5) A little further will be another deep snow area. But, you will notice just before it, toward the top of the screen is a rope point for Sam, so use it and jump up to the inlet. Switch to Sauron or Lurtz to strong pull open the container to get the chest.
6) After going through a hobbit hole, the one where the final skeleton is in 1, on the right side at the top is a small dark cave you must use Frodo to enter. The chest is inside.
7) In the next area of the level, at night by the water, there will be three bottles in the water you have to smash with rocks you throw. The rocks are found by breaking bushes along the shore, and the bottles are evenly spaced, one on the left bottom of the area, one at center bottom and one right bottom. When all three are destroyed, the chest appears.
8) At the left side of the shore set into the back wall are morgul blocks closing off a cave so use Aragorn or Sauron to destroy them. A horse was randomly in there and you must ride him to slowly walk to the right, following the stud path into the chest.
9) Above the morgul brick cave, you had to have shot a pole with Legolas and used it to jump across. Jump up a couple more small landings, and before using the next green leaf jump area, head to the top of the screen and you will enter a secret area. In that cave, at the end of the dock jump smash the cracked brick as Gimli to make it possible to fish there. Then use Merry to fish and pull up a fish to then carry, as Gollum up the north wall. Switch to Sam and light a fire to melt the ice around a cave troll and give the fish to the troll to get the chest.
10) When you are in the boss battle with the sea monster, use Sam’s rope to jump up on the right side of the screen to a small landing area with the chest.

Lego Lord of the Rings Treasure Chests Locations Guide continues on Page 2 with “The Mines of Moria” and much more!