Lego Lord of the Rings Blacksmith Designs Locations Guide

18 November 2012
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Lego Lord of the Rings Blacksmith Designs Locations Guide

“The Black Gate” Blacksmith Design Locations

Part 17 of the Lego Lord of the Rings Blacksmith Designs video guide covers Level 17:

Here we will give you voice-over tips to help you find all Blacksmith Designs in Level 17 “The Black Gate”.

“Mount Doom” Blacksmith Design Locations

Part 18 of the Lego Lord of the Rings Blacksmith Designs video guide covers Level 18:

Here we will give you voice-over tips to help you find all Blacksmith Designs in Level 18 “Mount Doom”.

“Middle-earth” Overworld Blacksmith Designs

There are 30 total blacksmith designs. They look like envelopes sealed with red wax when you find them. 18 can be found in story missions (one per level). The other 12 come from the Middle-earth Overworld.

Please note – these are the design locations. To have the item itself, you must go to the blacksmith in the town of Bree, select it from the list, and pay a certain number of mithril bricks to have them made. Many are only 3 or 4 but some can cost 12 or 16 each to forge. After paying for them, you must walk over and jump on the bellows three times to finish getting the item. All in all, I’d say you need around 150 total mithril bricks to make all items, though that is only my estimate.

Also, the red brick quests in the overworld, the items those people ask for are the ones made from blacksmith designs, not the three common items found in each story mission.

In the overworld: 12 total items, their locations are shown in this video guide:

Read on if you want to know their names and exact locations. – As for the Part 2 of the Designs, that’s covered at the end of Blacksmith Designs guide for the 18th and final mission, Mount Doom, covered earlier on this page.

Here’s the list of the Blacksmith Design names in the Middle-earth overworld:

Bottomless Bucket – In Edoras, just west of the map stone, you will notice a building’s door is covered in glowing mithril. To destroy it, use the Berserker’s bombs or the mithril fireworks. The design is then revealed in the building.
Camouflage Tome – Fast travel to the Emyn Muil map stone and select night. Then head down the path toward the water and walk across the planks to a campsite. There will be an orc holding the design, so attack him so he drops it and then you can pick it up.
Disco Phial – At the Minas Tirith map stone, there are 7 targets around the area. Four are fairly easy to spot, set among the tops of buildings or towers you aim up at. The other three are deceptively hidden. You must jump up on the wall of the city and look down. The other three are below the railing so you must carefully aim down at them. When all 7 targets have been hit, the design appears at the top of the central building, so use Legolas or another elf to jump up the bars to reach it.
Fireworks – At Barad-dur tower, which is south of the black gate map stone and northeast of the cirith ungol map stone, the southern end of the tower has a few bars you jump to. However, the third and fourth take a higher jump than the first two so you must be an elf to reach it. Then, carefully walk across to the narrow beam design.
Hairbrush – In Bree, there is a building next to the outdoor blacksmith equipment that has a door blocked by a morgul brick. So, use Sauron or Aragorn to destroy it and the design is inside.
Ice Sword – Take the path north from the Isengard map stone, but where it continues next to a hill, instead turn toward the forest. But, before reaching the forest, go left up the hill and keep left until you spot a cracked brick toward the back wall. As Gimli, jump pound it to destroy it and get the design within.
Paintbrush – West along the path from the Hobbiton map stone will be a fishing spot on a small dock. Use Merry to fish and the third successful button press will get you the design.
Shovel – The first one you will unlock will be during the story mission in the town of Bree early in the game. It introduces this new feature and you make the mithril shovel.
Skeleton Sword – South of the weathertop map stone is weathertop itself. Set into the northeast lower wall of the structure will be bricks blocking a small cave. Destroy them to reveal the design inside.
Spring Boots – In Rivendell, literally turn around to face south from the map stone and there will be blocks only a wizard can move. So, switch to one, such as Gandalf, and move a block onto the purple lego strip. Then switch to your other character and jump onto that brick. Now switch back to Gandalf and raise the brick in the air so the character on it is above the surface of the raised area. Now switch to that character and walk or jump onto the raised area. Walk around until you notice two gray columns on the ground blocking off a small area on the ground. Fall down from up top behind them to land on the design.
Whistle Sword – In Bree, left of the door to go inside the Prancing Pony Inn will be another door blocked off by a morgul brick. Switch to Sauron or Aragorn to destroy it and the design is inside the door.

When you make your final Blacksmith Design you unlock the last character “Blacksmith” for the achievement to have all characters and to complete your character roster.

[This guide has been completed and all new Blacksmith Designs location info is added, so it should be 100% complete with all 50 Blacksmith Designs!]

Thanks for the unlock guide videos to Jeff.

Please check our at the top listed Lego Lord of the Rings guides for tips to find 100% of the collectibles.

If you have any questions, please comment below. If you have tips about Blacksmith Designs, we’ll give you credit for your discoveries! — Thanks for visiting!


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