Lego Lord of the Rings Red Bricks Locations Guide

17 November 2012
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Lego Lord of the Rings Red Bricks Locations Guide

Our Lego Lord of the Rings Red Bricks Locations Guide shows you how to find and/or unlock all 20 Red Brick locations in Lego Lord of the Rings on the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, PS Vita, DS & 3DS game.

Where To Find Red Bricks: All Lego The Lord of the Rings Red Bricks are found in the Middle-earth open world hub, not in levels. Red bricks are only in the overworld โ€“ some come as rewards in sidequests (called Fetch Quests) and others require specific actions only certain characters can perform. Once you attain one, you still need to pay studs to be able to use the cheat. Some Red Bricks that you could otherwise buy, can also be unlocked via cheat codes, All unlocking methods are listed below.

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  • Tip: Go and find the “Fetch Quest Finder” Red Brick first. It’ll make it a lot easier to find all the other Red Bricks, since you get quite a few of the Red Bricks as a reward for finishing Fetch Quests. You can either unlock it using the EY4K32 cheat in the pause menu’s “Extras” Enter Code section, or find it in-game to unlock the Red Brick and buy it.

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    Lego Lord of the Rings Red Bricks Locations Guide

    Here’s how to find, unlock & buy Red Bricks in this guide for Lego Lord of the Rings.

    Below we’ve listed the Red Bricks in alphabetical order. Take the following steps to unlock each one; where available.

    [Work-In-Progress: We’ll update this guide regularly when new Red Bricks location info is discovered.]

    Red Brick 1: 8-Bit Music

    Description: This first Red Brick is called “8-Bit Music” and that’s exactly what it gives you.

    Cheat Code: The code to enter for this Red Brick is GD35HC.

    Red Brick 2: Action Assist

    Description: This second Red Brick is called “Action Assist”.

    Cheat Code: The code to enter for this Red Brick is T1JM4R.

    Red Brick 3: Attract Studs

    Description: This third Red Brick is called “Attract Studs” because it pulls all studs around you directly to you.

    Cheat Code: The code to enter for this Red Brick is C7FJ7B.

    Red Brick 4: Boss Disguises

    Description: This fourth Red Brick is called “Boss Disguises” because it’ll put boss masks on your character.

    Cheat Code: The code to enter for this Red Brick is F3H14H.

    Red Brick 5: Character Studs

    Description: This fifth Red Brick is called “Character Studs” because that’s what enemies will now give you when you beat them.

    Cheat Code: The code to enter for this Red Brick is PR3V4K.

    Red Brick 6: Disguises

    Description: This sixth Red Brick is called “Disguises” because it’ll put funny masks on your character.

    Cheat Code: The code to enter for this Red Brick is MX26RJ.

    Red Brick 7: Fall Rescue

    Description: This seventh Red Brick is called “Fall Rescue” because when you fall you’ll no longer lose studs from damage.

    Cheat Code: The code to enter for this Red Brick is WS68P2.

    Red Brick 8: Fast Build

    Description: This eight Red Brick is called “Fast Build” because it allows you to Build objects out of Lego bricks Super Fast.

    Cheat Code: The code to enter for this Red Brick is A2LU58.

    Red Brick 9: Fetch Quest Finder

    Description: This ninth Red Brick is called “Fetch Quest Finder” as it’ll point you to all Fetch Quest sidequests that can be done in your general area. A handy way to find all of them in each area of the Middle-earth open world!

    Location: The first Red Brick you are likely to find is able to be purchased for 50,000 studs to unlock this Red Brick. Which can be done upon completing the blacksmith tutorial mission in Bree village (you’ll get there after “Level 1: The Black Rider” is completed). Once you hand over the mithril shovel, the man returns inside the inn and the red brick appears just outside the inn, right next to you.

    Price: The cost to buy this Red Brick is 50,000 studs.

    Cheat Code: The code to enter for this Red Brick is EY4K32.

    Where exactly to find the “Fetch Quest Finder” Red Brick: It’s shown in this video guide with in-game location:

    Lego Lord of the Rings Red Bricks Locations Guide continues on Page 2 with the Mithril Brick Finder, Studs Score Multipliers, and more awesome Red Bricks. ๐Ÿ˜€


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    • This isn’t much of a guide. ‘Find it yourself or cheat’ doesn’t help those of us who want to find it without cheating. I’d just like to know where the treasure chest finder is so that my son can collect them in free play. Can anyone help?

    • Ray

      I am searching for the last red brick in the Shjre on the DS and the final treasure chest in Lothlorien!!!!! Help PLEASE!!!!!

    • Dan Johnston

      I had read a post on here somewhere that when on a sheep, goat, pig, or horse that depending on which game system that you were playing that “Poo Studs” works by hitting B or O. I figured that I would add that on Nintendo Wii that you hit Z to get the little critter to poo since it has a B button but that doesn’t do anything on the Wii except confuse the little guy and lets face it, is there any sense in confusing the critters anymore than what they already are? I’m sure they’re confused enough because they’re pooing lego studs. I mean really, wouldn’t you be confused if someone jumped on your back and then you started pooing lego pieces and to the best of your memory you couldn’t remember eating lego pieces? Think about how the poor animal feels about it, especially the sheep, they poo little round pellets, but they usually only come in 1 color, and they’re poo is also for the most part fairly soft, but lego studs are almost as hard as a rock, so that can’t be comfortable at all. Anyway, I figured since most of the discussion is covering the XBox or the PS3 that I’d give some Nintendo Wii info.

    • Dan Johnston

      It may just be another glitch, it seems that different individual games come with different glitches, mine for instance won’t let me get the mithril brick from the moles on top of Amon Hen until I get the one in the puzzle directly below it and it still wasn’t showing that I had it right away, I was actually shocked when I went to the blacksmith about making my last mithril item and all of a sudden it was showing that I had enough pieces, because I had gotten the 1 at Amon Hen from the moles 3 or 4 x’s before it finally let me use it and showed that I hade it.

    • Dan Johnston

      You have to get the Mithril Stud Mallet Design from the Dead Marshes, forge it, and then turn it in to the guy in the crypt by Weathertop, by where it show the Twilight Ringwraith you can purchase North of Weathertop on the map, in fact the guy that you give the mallet to and the twiligh ringwraith are in the same room.

    • scott

      Red Brick in tavern?

    • Lucas Scerbo

      eyyyy i keep putting in the red brick cheats but they never work how do i unlock these cheats?????????????????????

    • Darren

      Finally solved 100% on PC. The 20 Red brick is Invincibility on the PC which you can buy after you deliver a mithril tinderbox to the dwarf (near the exit of the Dead Marshes/black gate area on the hill side area)

    • Asher

      After putting in the codes you need to then click start, extras, scroll down and turn your “red bricks” on ๐Ÿ™‚ I know this is late but may help someone else!

    • LotrJman

      2x red brick is found in a cave in Rivendell. you will need mithril gloves ( not boxing gloves for a quest to unlock the brick costs 250,000
      4X is found in amon hen by the river there is a uruk Hai who wants a mithril fishing rod give it to him to unlock the red brick costs 1,000,000
      6x is found in edoras need mithril top hat give to lady to unlock red brick Costs 4,000,000

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