Lego Lord of the Rings Mithril Bricks Locations Guide

17 November 2012
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Lego Lord of the Rings Mithril Bricks Locations Guide

Mithril Brick Locations #113 to #130

Part 7 of the Lego Lord of the Rings Mithril Bricks video guide shows #113 to #130:

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  • Mithril Brick #113 – Northeast of Bree is a marshy area, also accessed by going west from the Weathertop map stone. There will be a couple dig points on the north side of the marsh, the one furthest to the left side has a key in it. Take the key to the nearby chest, indicated by the arrow once you are holding the key. You have to destroy some bricks to get to it, then use the key and the brick is yours.
    Mithril Brick #114 – Just south of the Hobbiton map stone will be a big arrow pointing down a side road. Just as you start down that road, on the left side is an opening off the road so go there. There will be a couple platforms to jump up and then as Legolas or the Lothlorien elf shoot the archery pole point and then swing jump from the two poles up to the next two platforms. Once you jump higher from them, walk across the two tightropes to reach the brick.
    Mithril Brick #115 – Fast travel to Hobbiton and select nighttime. Go to the campground/market on the southwest side of town. You’ll know you are there when you see the tents and people holding sparklers. Only at nighttime will be fireworks that have to be lit as Sam. Do so and after a brief cutscene the brick will appear.
    Mithril Brick #116 – Fast travel to Rivendell and take the northern path up the stairs to the oasis area. Take the lower right path until you see a door on the right that is blocked by a strong pull bar. Use Lurtz or Sauron to pull it open and enter the area. There will be three large heads, each of which you have to raise, beginning with the one on the left. Jump over to the left onto the platform with a water hole. If you do not have the bottomless bucket, use Pippin to fill his bucket there. Regardless, when you have water, jump up the vines and onto the top of the left head, then use the water to put out the fire. When you do, the head will raise, so drop down and destroy the chest to get a crank. Take the crank to the start of the area then put it in and use it to raise the right head. As Sam, go through the tunnel and at the top, use his rope to pull blocks off the center head which will raise it. Finally, go to where the center head had been and destroy the chest to get the mithril brick.
    Mithril Brick #117 – Southeast of the weathertop map stone, across the bridge, in the field there you will see a small fire burning on a hillside. Use the bottomless bucket to put out the fire, then Frodo to enter the small dark cave to pick up the brick.
    Mithril Brick #118 – From the Amon Hen map stone, use Sam’s rope to get to the top area and then head to the right and drop down to the water. You should see a small dock, and use Merry to fish there and after the third successful cast, you will pull up a crank. Take it to the area behind you and put it in and use it to open up a cave area. In the cave, use a character with a bow to shoot a target along the track, and then Gimli to smash a cracked brick and finally the berserker or mithril fireworks to destroy the mithril blocks on the track. Now you are free to push the three pieces, one on to each of the three green spaces to light torches. When one is on each one, the brick appears.
    Mithril Brick #119 – West of Minas Morgul and east of Minas Tirith is Osgiliath. On the western side of the city, in the ruins will be a small fire. Put it out with the bottomless bucket (if you do not have it, check out the blacksmith design video elsewhere on the site). Then, use Sa to dig up a plant jump. Once you reach the flower landing at the top, jump to the board on the left and then jump over to the mithril brick.
    Mithril Brick #120 – In the same area of Osgiliath in 119, you have to first cross to the eastern hald of Osgiliath and along the river will be a fishing point for Merry. After the third successful button press you will pull up a key. As the character with the key, switch to Legolas and return to the other side of the city by the plant jump in 119. Shoot the three archery point poles up above. Then, jump up to the flower and swing across the three poles, walk across the board and finally use the key to open the chest to get the mithril brick.
    Mithril Brick #121 – Northwest of the Minas Morgul map stone is a system of paths. Take the central one that heads north into the mountains. Where the path makes a loop turn to the left, on the right side of the path there is a dig spot to make a bounce plant jump. Jump on it to get up to the chest with the brick inside. Ground pound (A + X) it to gain access to the brick.
    Mithril Brick #122 – Just east of the Cirith Ungol map stone is a path up Mount Doom. At the top of the path, you can jump to some gray platforms that get higher and higher. Switch to Sam to use his rope to get higher. Then, use Legolas to shoot out a pole to swing across and land on a small platform. Use Gollum to climb the wall, be careful of the fire, and climb up. Carefully make your way across the boards, jump across the two small columns and finally swing across the last pole as Legolas to land on the area with the brick.
    Mithril Brick #123 – Just left of the Cirith Ungol map stone is a winding thin path up. Take it into the mountains and down that path a bit on the left is a mithril block to destroy. Use the berserker’s bombs or mithril fireworks to do so and then use Sam’s dig ability to get a key. Take the key back where you came, now go south from the winding path and along the wall on the right will be the chest to use the key on. The mithril brick is in the chest.
    Mithril Brick #124 – Between Hobbiton and Bree is a forest. In the middle of the forest is a pond. On the north side of the pond, fish with Merry to bring up a key. Walk around to the southern side of the pond, jump across the boards to reach the lock to use the key with to open the door. In the cave behind the door, use Sauron or Aragorn to destroy the morgul blocks to get the brick.
    Mithril Brick #125 – Southeast of the Isengard map stone is a waterfall with a fishing point. Fish up a crank to take to a hill southeast of the Isengard map stone. Use the crank to open the gate there and walk in the revealed area to get the brick.
    Mithril Brick #126 – In Isengard itself, north of the tower are five cranks you have to use. Two of them are on either side, up top, of the wooden boards that you are using the cranks for to bring water into the area. For the one on the right you need a crank so on the ground of the left side, have Sam dig up the crank. Another crank you have to turn is in the fire on the ground on the left side of the wooden waterway. Use the bottomless bucket to put out the flames and then turn the crank. Also on the left side, jump across the gap to be aligned with the tower. Jump up onto the platforms there and use Sam’s rope to jump to where you have to walk across two boards to reach another crank to turn. The final crank is on the ground in front of the wooden plank area. Use Aragorn or Sauron to destroy the morgul block and then use the crank. After a brief cutscene, the brick will appear there.
    Mithril Brick #127 – North of the top most building in Edoras, drop down to the hillside. Halfway down the hill is a small door set into the hillside. Use Sam to light the wood in the door on fire and after it goes away, walk in to get the brick.
    Mithril Brick #128 – Just outside of Edoras to the southeast is a small farm. There are three dig spots, but use the one by the fence behind the scarecrow to dig up a crank. Take the crank north to a small structure on a hill. Destroy the bricks on top of it that blocked the crank slot, then put in the crank and use it. That opens the gate of the structure, so drop down to it and pick up the key. Now go a bit more north, crossing the small stream and ahead of you will be wooden planks blocking the chest, set into a hill. Destroy the planks, then use the key on the chest to get the brick.
    Mithril Brick #129 – Fast travel to the Amon Hen map stone, take the path west, and then when it splits, go south. As you go south you will see some mole holes. Hit a mole to start the sequence, then hit 6 more in 25 seconds to make the brick appear.
    Mithril Brick #130 – It’s included in one of the 7 video guides, just not described. Not surprising since there are soooo many, hehe.

    Mithril Brick Locations #131 to #250

    Part 8 of the Lego Lord of the Rings Mithril Bricks guide shows the requirements to get #131 to #250:

    Here’s a run down of the areas and levels you will receive Mithril Bricks for:

    • Beat a level in Story Mode to get a Mithril Brick. You get 1 for each of the 18 levels, so 18 Mithril Bricks in all.
    • Satisfy a level’s True Adventurer minimum stud requirement during Story Mode or Free Play Mode. At 1 per level, that’s another 18 Mithril Bricks.
    • Collect all 10 Treasure Chests (Minikits) from a level (can be done in Free Play mode) for a Mithril Brick reward. That’s 18 Mithril Bricks again.
    • Find each Blacksmith Design of the 30 that are hiding in Middle-earth’s open world hub as reward for finishing Fetch Quests sidequests. — Fetch quests involve speaking to a character in the overworld, they tell you they want an item and name the story mission it is in. To have all items, you can follow the level collectibles guides on the site for all 3 items in each of the 18 story missions (which rewards you with 1 Mithril Brick at the end of each level, for another 18 Mithril Bricks) and then you can turn them all in together to make it easiest.
      There’s 20 more in the levels, each one will give you a Mithril Brick (right away or at the end of a level). There’s 50 Mithril Bricks to get from them all.*
    • 146 More of the Mithril Bricks can be found in the Middle-earth open world hub and its levels. Examples can be found in the 7 video guides above that cover all the hard-to-get Mithril Bricks.
      To further clarify this breakdown: 90 of these other Mithril Bricks come from getting all collectibles in story missions and beating those missions. The other 20 are prizes for certain fetch quests, and to complete those you just turn in the objects you would get from getting the other 90 in the levels, which are covered in the level collectibles guides.

    *It’s double-important to collect Mithril Bricks, because to craft Blacksmith Designs into Mithril weapons/armor/items you need several bricks to make each one. This’ll also help unlock the “Here’s a pretty thing!” 30G Achievement / Silver Trophy if you craft every Mithril Item.

    Tip: “Look for groups of hopping LEGO objects throughout Middle-earth. Smash them all to reveal a Mithril Brick.”

    We hope that helped you out to getting 100% of the Mithril Bricks! – Look for additional tips in the comments section as all us Lego fans are helping each other out. Keep it up with the great tips everyone! 🙂

    Thanks for the unlock guide videos to Jeff.

    Please check our at the top of the first page listed Lego Lord of the Rings guides for tips to find 100% of the collectibles.

    If you have any questions or tips about Mithril Bricks, please comment below and we’ll give you credit for your finds! Thanks for visiting!


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    • krissy

      Does anyone know how to get the Mithril brick just outside of Isengard? The one that looks super easy to get cause its just floating there? I’m basically done with the game but no matter what i do I can’t figure out how to get this one!!!

    • MathGuy42

      I had the same question. It’s #31 on this list. You need to ride a horse that you find near the Helm’s Deep map stone.

    • Ash

      I’m having major issues with the climbing up Mt. Doom brick. I use Sam and the rope, change to Legalos to swing on the arrow. I then switch to Gollum to climb on the wall and about half way across, he jumps off. There is no fire going, he just jumps. I’ve even tried using other characters wearing the mithril climbing boots, they always jump off! I have not been able to get across that wall once. Glitch? IDK! Frustrating? YES!

    • Ash

      you need a key. There is a key and a crank down the river from Osgiliath. You need to crank to get the key. Once you get the key, walk back to the cave.

    • MorbidMatt

      When I get my last remaining (250th) mithril brick (moles near Amon Hen) I get credited with the brick into my brick sack, but after the save it disappears from my credited amount and reappears on the map as a non-achieved brick. I have all minikit chests, blacksmith objects (all bar last one which I need the last mithril bricks for then get last red brick for its relevant quest), hidden treasures from each level & all characters bar one (I believe it may be the blacksmith). Do you think this is a software issue, or is it necessary to kill the moles in any particular order, with any particular character or achieve something else in the game to keep this brick?

    • Mixkalgchey

      How do I get the last mythril brick of the game? It says I Got everything but it is not there does the game make the last one invisible so that you don’t find it? Please help me someone!

    • Melissa Jove

      I collected all of the side quest/story mode/free play mode/treasure item methods of getting mithril bricks, but now I don’t know how to get the remaining bricks. I need at least 2 more to forge the last mithril item requiring 16.

    • Melissa Jove

      I’ve had similar frustrations with that one, too. However, instead of jumping off, the character glitched into the wall and got stuck (when they actually got that far). Most of the time Legolas missed the arrow pole and went sliding down to the bottom. I did finally get it, though.

    • Melissa Jove

      The game keeps track of how many you found separately from what you have in your possession. When you pause the game, it shows your “sack” contents on the bottom L of the screen. On the R bottom, it says X number/ 250.

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