Lego Lord of the Rings Mithril Bricks Locations Guide

Our Lego Lord of the Rings Mithril Bricks Locations Guide shows all the criteria necessary to collect all 250 Mithril Bricks in the Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, PS Vita, DS & 3DS game. This is essentially the Lego Lord of the Rings Gold Bricks Locations Guide.

There are a total of 250 Mithril Bricks in Lego Lord of the Rings. Locate ’em all!

Goal: The Mithril Bricks can be collected in many different ways. About half of these come from finishing levels in the game’s Story Mode that you complete, finishing levels with True Adventurer status, finding the Blacksmith Designs in a level, and having all Treasure Chests found in a level. So, the text guide below will be for the ones not gathered those ways.

In the process you can unlock the “My Precious…” 50G Achievements / Gold Trophy, as well as adding more fun to the game for your inner collector by finding them all.

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Lego Lord of the Rings Mithril Bricks Locations Guide

Mithril Brick Locations #1 to #10

Here’s how to find Mithril Bricks in this guide for Lego Lord of the Rings.

Protip: Go and find the “Mithril Brick Finder” Red Brick first. It’ll make it a lot easier to find all the Mithril Bricks. You can either unlock it using the B72D7E cheat in the pause menu’s “Extras” Enter Code section, or find it in Middle-earth.

Below we’ve listed the Mithril Bricks in the order you might find them in as you progress through the game. Take the following steps to unlock each one; where available.

Part 1 of the Lego Lord of the Rings Mithril Bricks video guide shows #1 to #10:

Mithril Brick #1 – Bree – On the right side of the inn, you can jump the fence and as any short character you can crawl through the tunnel set into the wall on the left. Once you do, you will run right into this brick.
Mithril Brick #2 – Bree – In the blacksmith outdoor machine area, there is a forge. You have to turn the crank on it and the brick is your prize for when you finish.
Mithril Brick #3 – After finishing the Mines of Moria level, you are in one of the larger free areas of the game. As Legolas, find a set of blocks you can jump to in the water. Then, through shooting targets, jumping across gaps, and using poles to jump far, make it to a high ledge. There, destroy a box and the brick is yours.
Mithril Brick #4 – In the same large area as above, a winding path leads up into the mountains, take the right of the fork there and you will be in a round area with two wooden platforms and a wire set amongst trees. First, as Sam, you need to grow a plant. Then, as anyone, you must use the plant leaves to bounce up and grab onto the suspended wire. From there, climb across so you can drop down onto the first wooden platform. Then carefully jump onto the pole and then the second platform which holds the brick.
Mithril Brick #5 – Also in that same area as the two above, there will be a mithril brick outline you can see set between five plants. As a character with a sword, since I found the sword attacks easiest for this, you must destroy each of the five plants within five seconds per plant. It might take a couple tries, but your reward for finishing on time is the mithril brick.
Mithril Brick #6 – When you are in the first free roam area at the start of the Two Towers section you control Sam and Frodo on a mountain path. Instead of going forward, head down the path, so the bottom the screen, then on the right Sam needs to use his rope to pull apart rocks and the brick is inside.
Mithril Brick #7 – In the same area as number 6, on the left side of the path, as Frodo use his light and enter the small dark cave and you will pick this up.
Mithril Brick #8 – In Bree, as either Legolas or another ranger character with a bow, across the street from the inn, near the town exit, are 5 targets beyond a fence. Jump onto the platform on the path side of the fence, hold down X to have all 5 targets aimed at, and then shoot them. When all 5 are hit, the mithril block appears on the patform you should be on.
Mithril Brick #9 – Just outside of Bree from the exit by number 8’s archery area, is a small graveyard. As Sam, dig up the three spots in front of gravestones. Then, hold B to put each of them together. The mithril brick will appear once both steps are complete.
Mithril Brick #10 – Also outside of Bree, near the graveyard is a path up to a field. On the right side of the field is a tree overlooking a lower area with a cave. You can jump onto the tree up above and hang from a rail. From there, jump to the next rail, then onto a vine and then finally onto a second higher vine and climb up a bit to get the mithril brick.

Mithril Brick Locations #11 to #30

Part 2 of the Lego Lord of the Rings Mithril Bricks video guide shows #11 to #30:

Mithril Brick #11 – In the open fields of Rohan, under the H of rohan on the map, as Gimli, destroy the cobweb/ cracked wall set into a hill. The brick is inside.
Mithril Brick #12 – In Bree, as Legolas, aim and shoot three pole points on the side of the inn. Then jump onto the lowest and swing jump onto the highest and then jump at and pick up the brick high in the air.
Mithril Brick #13 – A little west of Hobbiton is another archery range. As Legolas or another bow ranger, you have to time your shots to hit all targets. There is no time limit and you can do them one at a time. When all have been hit, the brick appears.
Mithril Brick #14 – In Rivendell, a central path leads into an oasis of sorts with a lake and a raised building. Just as you enter the area, on the left you need to use Gimli’s smash to raise two columns. Then as you follow the paths upward, as Legolas you need to shoot two targets that create jump points. Jump across and a little higher is a breakable box with the brick.
Mithril Brick #15 – In the center of Edoras, on the front of the main building by the map stone, shoot the pole target with Legolas. Then jump onto it and swing jump to the brick.
Mithril Brick #16 – Between the o and h of Rohan on the world map is a hill with a grayed out brick surrounded by 5 piles of heads. You need to destroy each with 6 or 7 seconds of each other. It took me six tries, and I found Gimli the best person to use.
Mithril Brick #17 – In the Southern small islands of the Dead Marshes, you will see a set of columns coming out of the water. All you have to do is jump from column to column until you reach the brick. Unlike most jumping challenges, this one is hard to mess up because as you are jumping you will kind of feel from vibration when you are over the column.
Mithril Brick #18 – West of the Barad-Dur tower in Mordor is a sunken part of the field with a morgul brick blocking something (morgul bricks are the orange and black ones). So, you need to have Aragorn smash the blocks to get the mithril brick inside.
Mithril Brick #19 – West and a little north of the tower mentioned in 18 will be an orc who attacks you. Attacking him triggers a 60 second countdown. You need only kill 20 orcs who will appear and attack you in the 60 seconds, but it should only take around 30 and then the brick appears.
Mithril Brick #20 – Right off the path mentioned in 19 is a set of the glowing blocks, so you need to have finished the story so you can switch to and use the Berserker who can blow up the shiny blocks. The brick is revealed after they are destroyed.
Mithril Brick #21 – South of Barad-Dur tower but north of mount doom will be a random sheep roaming around near a set of two posts. Mount and ride the sheep between the posts heading north and you will then be on a roughly 90 second journey, with 6 seconds awarded each time you go through another set of posts. The path is fairly simply to follow and you should have plenty of time. But if you are confused, consult the mithril brick part 2 guide above.
Mithril Brick #22 – Just south of the cirith ungol map stone will be an arch with a Gollum climbable wall on one side. So, as Gollum, simply climb that wall and jump to the mithril brick.
Mithril Brick #23 – Just outside the southern fence of Edoras, below a watchtower will be a small cave. As Frodo, use his light phial to walk into it and pick up the brick.
Mithril Brick #24 – In the eastern side of Rivendell is a building that appears like a backward C on the map. On the left side of that building you can jump into an area with a morgul brick. As Aragorn, destroy the bricks and the mithril brick is inside.
Mithril Brick #25 – At the top of Minas Tirith, right where you arrive if you fast travel to the map stone, is a silver statue in the middle. Simply hit it and the brick is revealed once the lego statue breaks.
Mithril Brick #26 – In the same area of Minas Tirith, on the right of that courtyard is a dig spot for Sam. Once he digs up the plant, you need to bounce up and jump onto a hanging pole on the tower. From there you will need to shimmy around and jump a few times. After repeating those moves a few times, you will arrive at the top of the tower. Not only can you purchase a character up there, but as Sam you can light a torch which triggers a cutscene and reward you with the mithril brick.
Mithril Brick #27 – Just southeast of Minas Tirith sits a horse and carriage in the open field. Get on it and ride it between the two gates nearby and you will have a few seconds to travel through a few more gates along a pretty simple path. When you finish, the mithril brick will appear.
Mithril Brick #28 – In the same southeast area near Minas Tirith is a ring of dig holes. As Sam with his pan or shovel, hit the mole that is coming out of one of the holes. Doing so begins a 30 seconds countdown where you have to melee 10 total moles. It’s plenty of time and when you finish the mithril brick appears.
Mithril Brick #29 – In the north of the right half of Osgiliath, on the river side of the tower you can climb up to the brick which is grayed out. To make it appear you have to destroy the 5 statues near the tower within 8 seconds of each other. There are three up top and two on the ground. I suggest leaving the two on the ground for last as it takes too much time to climb back up if you start with them. Instead, destroy the ones to the left and right of the brick area up top, then jump from the brick area across to the one up top, then drop down and destroy both on the ground.
Mithril Brick #30 – In the Helm’s Deep area, as you ascend the ramp into the base, on the left side on the ground, drop down into the area with a morgul brick (the orange and black ones). As Aragorn, destroy it and the mithril brick is yours.

Lego Lord of the Rings Mithril Bricks Locations Guide continues on Page 2 with #31 to #70.