Lego Lord of the Rings Walkthrough

13 November 2012
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Lego Lord of the Rings Walkthrough

Level 4: The Mines of Moria

With the entrance open, our group of brave adventurers must enter “The Mines of Moria”.

In Part 2 of Level 4 we finish off the Dungeon Troll boss fight.

In Part 3 of Level 4 Balrog and Gandalf the Grey’s “You Shall Not Pass” boss fight is coming up! ๐Ÿ˜€

Level 5: Amon Hen

In this last “Fellowship of the Ring” level we go to the “Amon Hen” hill. But not before Galadriel gives us some very nice weapon items to use on our quest to save Middle-earth.

Here’s Part 2 of Level 5 where we reach “Amon Hen”. There’s lots of fighting with the Uruk-hai hunting us. Will Frodo escape with the Ring?

Don’t worry if it looks like the game’s ending credits are rolling, the game does continue right afterwards! It’s just the end of “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”, the first of the three movie/book stories covered in this Lego video game retelling.

Level 6: Taming Gollum

Here begins the story of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers with a level titled “Taming Gollum”. We also get to fight Balrog as Gandalf, don’t worry it won’t actually take days to finish the fight this time.

In Part 2 of Level 6 we find all of Gollum’s fish. Throw it in the fish bucket on top of the grey wall blocking your progress, to lower it and continue to the next area.

Tip: Sam can use his Elven rope to attach to those golden Lego hooks.

Level 7: The Dead Marshes

This 7th level takes us through “The Dead Marshes” as Frodo, Sam & Gollum make their way to The Black Gate of Mordor.

In Part 2 of Level 7 we encounter enemy troops traveling via giant oliphants that we have to take down.

Lego Lord of the Rings Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Level 8: Track Hobbits.


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