Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Guide

Welcome to the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Intel locations guide that helps you find the total of 33 Intel locations for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC & Wii U first-person shooter game.

Finding the 33 Intel locations and picking them up will help unlock this Achievement/Trophy:
* “High IQ” (20 Gamerscore Points / Bronze Trophy) — Collect all intel.

Find and acquire them to collect Intels. This can be done on any difficulty mode. There are 3 Intel locations in each of the 11 missions in the singleplayer campaign. Additionally, obtaining all the Intel in a mission is requirement for the Challenges, completion of which will in turn unlock new Perks & Weapons!

This 1st video guide shows where all of the Black Ops 2 Intel are in one go. With on-screen names it shows you what part of which Mission has Intel. To help you pinpoint the location while you’re playing, note that the PAUSE Screen shows your current objective. Good luck collecting them all!

A 2nd video guide with its own timeline descriptions is listed below.

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Black Ops 2 Intel Locations Guide

Does the game save each Intel you collect?: Yes, right after you pick it up you should on-screen text confirming you’ve collected it. When you find one of these Black Ops 2 Collectibles, stand in front of it and hold the action button (X on Xbox 360 or Square on PS3) to grab the Intel. Successful activation results in a message saying “Intel Acquired.” Even when you die after just collecting an Intel, the game will automatically be saved so you will not need to return to collect the Intel again. You can also Save and Quit at anytime during a mission once you have collected the Intels.
Important: Although, you DO always have to make sure you finish each mission with all the Intel to get credit for the Challenge.

How to find Intel locations?: You can recognize the Intel — as tape recorders in olden times and computer tablets in future times — by their brown/orange glowy look that makes them stand out on the battlefields. So once you’ve seen it, you’ll know what it is and what to look for. When you get all 33 of them, you will unlock the on-screen “High IQ” Achievement/Trophy as verification.

What if I didn’t grab the Intel the first time?: Don’t worry, you can always replay the mission from the main menu to find it again!

Where can I see which Intel locations I’ve found?: You can find an overview of all Intel in your Carreer Record menu, where it shows if you’ve found all the Intels per mission.

Where to find all Intel in Black Ops 2? The in-game collectibles locations for the Intel are described in this detailed video guide.

Timeline for the Intel Locations Guide:

Mission 1: Pyrrhic Victory Intel Locations

Intel Location #1: At 0:05 minutes.
Intel Location #2: At 0:17 minutes.
Intel Location #3: At 0:34 minutes.

Mission 2: Celerium Intel Locations

Intel Location #4: At 0:42 minutes.
Intel Location #5: At 0:52 minutes.
Intel Location #6: At 1:07 minutes.

Mission 3: Old Wounds Intel Locations

Intel Location #7: At 1:24 minutes.
Intel Location #8: At 1:40 minutes.
Intel Location #9: At 1:55 minutes.

Mission 4: Time and Fate Intel Locations

Intel Location #10: At 2:07 minutes.
Intel Location #11: At 2:21 minutes.
Intel Location #12: At 2:41 minutes.

Mission 5: Fallen Angel Intel Locations

Intel Location #13: At 2:57 minutes.
Intel Location #14: At 3:17 minutes.
Intel Location #15: At 3:46 minutes.

Mission 6: Karma Intel Locations

Intel Location #16: At 4:08 minutes.
Intel Location #17: At 4:25 minutes.
Intel Location #18: At 4:40 minutes.

Mission 7: Suffer With Me Intel Locations

Intel Location #19: At 4:53 minutes.
Intel Location #20: At 5:05 minutes.
Intel Location #21: At 5:20 minutes.

Mission 8: Achilles Veil Intel Locations

Intel Location #22: At 5:42 minutes.
Intel Location #23: At 5:56 minutes.
Intel Location #24: At 6:12 minutes.

Mission 9: Odysseus Intel Locations

Intel Location #25: At 6:35 minutes.
Intel Location #26: At 6:50 minutes.
Intel Location #27: At 7:06 minutes.

Mission 10: Cordis Die Intel Locations

Intel Location #28: At 7:23 minutes.
Intel Location #29: At 7:33 minutes.
Intel Location #30: At 7:47 minutes.

Mission 11: Judgement Day Intel Locations

Intel Location #31: At 8:07 minutes.
Intel Location #32: At 8:27 minutes.
Intel Location #33: At 8:40 minutes.
Note: The “High IQ” Achievement/Trophy will not unlock until after the whole final mission is completed and the ending cutscene is over.

Big thanks to XCV & iNTiMiDaTeGaming for the guide videos and tips.

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