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Angry Birds Star Wars tasks players with taking out the pigs by slingshoting various kinds of birds in different directions to take out said pigs encased in physics-based structures. Thanks to the new Star Wars setting, the variety of birds have brand new abilities, and lots of lightsaber skills are required to take out all the evil pigs of the empire (who can now fire blasters at you to knock you off-course) and reclaim the R2-D2 & C-3PO eggs and beat Lard Vader & King Pig. — The strategies are different for every level and structure, they can be taken down with one precise hit or might need continuous Jedi bombardments before you can get at the pigs inside.

“May the birds be with you, always!”

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Angry Birds Star Wars Cheats

Here are some in-game tip videos from the Angry Birds Star Wars developers, showing the tips & tricks of how they use the different birds to play the game.

How to play with Red Bird & Pink Bird as Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia:

The Red & Pink Birds are more powerful than before in their Star Wars adventure, so use them to target the wooden pieces first. It’s recommended to start a level by taking out the weaker parts of structures that pigs are hiding behind. This in combination with Red Bird’s Lightsaber attacks (from level 1-9 onwards) & Pink Bird’s laser eyes attacks (she’ll be playable later on) can result in destabilizing and taking down the rest of bigger structures. Luke’s Lightsaber will also deflect laser fire towards Imperial Pig Soldiers.
Note: These brand new Jedi & other abilities can be triggered during flight or even after impact!

How to play with Bomb Bird as Obi-Wan Kenobi:

Obi-Wan Kenobi (morphed from Black Birds) are best used to take out tricky defenses with a force shock wave. They are also the birds of choice if if all your targets are in close proximity to each other. His force push can actually be directed by touching the screen in the direction you want it to go, and it will also deflect laser fire.

How to play with Yellow Bird & Big Brother Bird as Han Solo & Chewbacca:

Han Solo (morphed from Yellow Birds) are considered one of the fastest objects in the universe. They can easily turn corners after being launched, by swiping/touching the screen into the direction you want them to go while in mid-air. The new 3-shot laser blaster is pretty cool as it fires mid-air too.

Chewbacca (morphed from Big Brother Bird) is now a cosmic wrecking ball, easily smashing through the difficult to destroy wooden, stone and ice walls.

How to play with White & Golden Eggs as R2-D2 & C-3PO:

R2-D2 (morphed from White Eggs) can now be thrown in Bonus Levels. Upon impact R2-D2’s electric shock takes out nearby enemies and objects in your way.

C-3PO (morphed from Golden Eggs) can now be thrown in Bonus Levels. Touching it mid-flight will make it explode into four more golden eggs/debris to do extra damage to your surroundings. Aim near TNT for an explosive ending.

How to play with Mighty Eagle as Millenium Falcon:

The Millenium Falcon spaceship (morphed from Mighty Eagle) can open laser-storm of destruction. Earn it through gameplay by getting many stars on levels or buy it as an in-app purchase. Basically the Millenium Falcon is a way to easily do massive damage and easily complete a level. It can be called in by selecting it and throwing a Space Egg where you want it, after which it will appear from the background out of space, then the Millenium Falcon will damage the level. So unlike the Mighty Eagle, the Millenium Falcon (selected next to the pause button during gameplay) allows you to keep playing the level as you normally would with the rest of your birds.

Using Millenium Falcon also adds a new Falcon Highscore once a level is completed. Try to get to 100% to win a medal for each of the game’s levels.

At 7:23 minutes into this video you can see Space Eagle used to beat a level.

How to play with Blue Birds as Rebel Pilots:

The Rebel Pilots (morphed from Blue Birds) split into three missiles after you launch them, by touching the main bird on-screen in mid-air. Once the three birds are split, they are great for setting off chain reactions. This is very helpful because the chain reactions will target different parts of the map all at once.

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