Master Chief Face Revealed

Master Chief face revealed in Halo 4. It’s true, you’ll be able to see both Master Chief’s face as a young boy in the game’s introduction cinematic and partly as an adult in the game’s legendary ending cutscene.

By comparison, Master Chief’s friend SPARTAN-II Kelly-078 is shown taking off her helmet and revealing her full face in Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Episode 5.

Master Chief Face Revealed

Born in 2511, in Halo 4’s CGI intro we see a flashback to John-117 as a 14-year-old young boy before he became SPARTAN-II Master Chief.

Similarly, we see John as a 6-year-old little kid playing on the beach with his mom (before he was kidnapped into the Spartan program), as part of the by David Fincher produced “Scanned” live-action Halo 4 launch trailer.

While the game video a memory from Dr. Halsey shown at the very start of Halo 4, what follows contains spoilers from the end of the game.

When Halo 4’s campaign is finished on Legendary difficulty mode, in the post-credits Epilogue scene an adult Master Chief takes off his armor and helmet. For one second you’ll see that the area around around his darkened eyes and milk light skin tone expresses a hardened look around his grim eyes.

Click the thumbnail for the full-size close-up image of his face:

Watch the Legendary ending cinematic where Master Chief finally takes off his MJOLNIR battle armor.

Perhaps in Halo 5 or 6 — at the end of the new Reclaimer Trilogy of video games — we’ll get to see his entire face?

What do you think Master Chief’s face looks like?