Halo 4 Soundtrack

Neil Davidge is the new composer for the Halo 4 soundtrack. He’s most famous for being the co-writer and producer of the pioneering trip hop group Massive Attack.

Music is a key iconic part of the Halo story and unlike other games; the music is a key spearhead of the media message. It promises to be filled with soaring themes, inspirational tracks, emotionally compelling melodies, and an exciting soundscape.

Here’s the “Making of the Halo 4 Soundtrack” video:

Halo 4 Soundtrack

1. “Awakening” — 5:41 minutes
2. “Belly of the Beast” — 2:39 minutes
3. “Requiem” — 2:16 minutes
4. “Legacy” — 2:29 minutes
5. “Faithless” — 5:02 minutes
6. “Haven” — 5:45 minutes
7. “Nemesis” — 3:31 minutes
8. “Ascendancy” — 4:20 minutes
9. “Solace” — 4:45 minutes
10. “To Galaxy” — 4:58 minutes
11. “Immaterial” — 7:33 minutes
12. “117” — 7:29 minutes
13. “Arrival” — 5:37 minutes
14. “Revival” — 7:19 minutes
15. “Green and Blue” — 7:59 minutes

…And here’s two samples of the music in Halo 4:

The soundtrack was recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. Working in collaboration with 343 Industries, Davidge and his production team enlisted a 16-person hand-picked male tenor / bass choir plus 10 females from the London Bulgarian Choir, a full 50 piece orchestra, and a whole host of other performers to bring the music of Halo 4 to life.

Those who purchase a physical copy of the Original Soundtrack will receive a free download voucher for three exclusive remix tracks and three additional Davidge tracks not included on the soundtrack but featured in the Halo 4 game. These game pieces will not be available on any other platform other than through the physical CD purchase.

The $13.98 soundtrack is currently available as both a CD and digitally through all major providers. Although the price varies with the CD version only $7.99 on Amazon.

What’s your favorite song on the Halo 4 soundtrack?