Halo 4 Secrets

Let’s find out some of the Halo 4 secrets the game has been hiding from you! The creators of the game lift the lid off the inner workings.

What follow below is a series of developer diaries that detail the game’s inner workings, revealing gameplay secrets of actions new to Halo 4.

Index of Halo 4 Guides:

Halo 4 Secrets

Behind-The-Scenes Secrets

Developer Diary #1: Halo 4 – A Hero Awakens Behind the Scenes

In part 1 of our behind the scenes series for Halo 4, the artists, designers, writers, and producers at 343 Industries get in-depth and reveal secrets about the creation of a brand new saga with Chief and Cortana.

Developer Diary #2: Halo 4 – Return of the Forerunners

The designers, artists, engineers, and production staff of 343 industries talk about the challenges and goals in creating a brand new race of enemies for Halo 4. See early concepts of the Prometheans and learn about their technology and fearsome weapons.

Developer Diary #3: Halo 4 – Infinity Multiplayer

Go behind the scenes at 343 Industries for an in-depth look at Halo 4 Multiplayer, and examine how narrative and competitive lines are blurred aboard UNSC Infinity.

Have you discovered any Halo 4 secrets?