Halo 4 Terminals Locations Guide

Welcome to the Halo 4 Terminals locations guide that helps you find the total of 7 Domain Terminals locations for the Xbox 360 first-person shooter game.

Finding the 7 Terminals locations and picking them up will help unlock the following Achievements:
* “Contact the Domain” (10 Gamerscore Points) — Find a Terminal in the Campaign.
* “Terminus” (50 Gamerscore Points) — Find all of the Terminals in the Campaign.

Find and download them to collect Terminals. This can be done on any difficulty mode. The Terminals require Halo Waypoint downloaded on your Xbox 360 to watch their cinematics!

This official Halo Waypoint video shows the first Terminal cinematic.

Terminal description: This first Halo 4 Terminal named “Jul ‘Mdama” is a Prologue for the events in Halo 4 that will take place before Master Chief wakes up from his cryogenic sleep in 2557. When the UNSC Infinity approaches the Forerunner shield world Requiem, where the game takes place, reacting to Cortana’s distress signal and subsequently encounters the Covenant splinter faction. This Terminal shows the Prologue from their leader Jul ‘Mdama’s perspective as “Jul ‘Mdama arrives at Requiem.”

The specific video guide & descriptions below show where all of the Halo 4 Terminals are!

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Halo 4 Terminals

Where to find the Terminals in Halo 4? The in-game collectibles locations for the Terminals are described in this detailed voice-over video guide.

Does the game save each Terminal you collect?: Yes, right after you pick it up you should on-screen text confirming you’ve collected it. When you find one of these Halo 4 Collectibles, stand in front of it and hold the right shoulder button (RB) to download the Terminal. Successful activation results in a message saying “Domain video unlocked on Waypoint.”
Note: Once you’ve found and activated a Terminal, you can safely save & quit from your pause menu.

How to find Terminals?: You can recognize these upright computer kiosks by their handprint verification scanner and eye-camera-like globe in the middle. The white lights on it make it stand out, so once you’ve seen it, you’ll know what it is. When you get all 7 of them, you will unlock the on-screen “Terminus” Achievement as verification.

How to watch Terminal cinematics?: This isn´t done inside Halo 4. Instead download Halo Waypoint onto your Xbox 360, as it´s a free download off the Xbox Marketplace. After starting up Halo Waypoint, confirm twice with the X button on your controller, and you’ll arrive on the Code Input screen. You´ll need to have at least found a Terminal, and have a Halo 4 savegame on your Xbox 360, to be able to access the Terminal viewing area.
Alternative: We´ve also added the cutscene videos below each Terminal description so you can watch them right away if you want to.

Then you can watch the Domain Terminal by their names — like Jul ‘Mdama, War, Lord of Admirals, and Charum Hakkor — on Waypoint.

What if I didn’t grab the Terminal the first time?: Don’t worry, you can always replay the mission from the main menu to find it again!

No Terminals in Mission 1: Dawn

Terminal Location #1 in Mission 2: Requiem

Where to find Terminal #1 in Halo 4:

It’s at Rally Point Bravo. Near the end of the mission, after defeating two Hunters (the large armored enemies), you’ll gain access to the tower. At the end of a long hall you’ll see a wide, semi-transparent ramp. Check underneath this ramp to find a terminal.

See the in-game location here:

“Terminal 1: War” description: Invaders ravage Forerunner territory and must be dealt with.

Watch the terminal cinematic here:

Terminal Location #2 in Mission 3: Forerunner

Where to find Terminal #2 in Halo 4:

It’s at Rally Point Alpha. Soon after taking out a group of Prometheans (just a few minutes into the mission, depending on difficulty), you’ll notice a large structure with rocky slopes on either side leading up to an entrance. At the very moment where Master Chief asks Cortana, “What’s that distortion?” in regard to his HUD, you should be facing the terminal, which is at ground level.

See the in-game location here:

“Terminal 2: Lord of Admirals” description: Humanity’s war plans are revealed.

Watch the terminal cinematic here:

Terminal Location #3 in Mission 4: Infinity

Where to find Terminal #3 in Halo 4:

It’s at Rally Point Bravo. Immediately after the cutscene in which you meet up with a group of friendlies, simply turn around and you’ll see the Terminal. How to spot it is shown in this video guide…

See the in-game location here:

“Terminal 3: Charum Hakkor” description The Forerunner war with humanity comes to an end.

Watch the terminal cinematic here:

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