Assassin’s Creed 3 Multiplayer Characters: How To Unlock

30 October 2012
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Assassin's Creed 3 Multiplayer Characters: How To Unlock

Looking for Assassin’s Creed 3 multiplayer characters costumes and extra items? The following Assassin’s Creed 3 multiplayer characters guide explains how to unlock them. We’ll help you get the most out of this latest Assassin’s Creed game on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC & Wii U.

Watch the video guide below to see all Assassin’s Creed 3 Unlockable multiplayer characters as well as their costumes and more.

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    Assassin’s Creed 3 Multiplayer Characters

    Assassin’s Creed 3 Multiplayer Characters Unlockables

    Thanks to Ubisoft’s Uplay Rewards you can unlock Assassin’s Creed 3 multiplayer character extras, as long as you play the game with your registered account signed in from the game’s Main Menu “Uplay” section. Then as you play through the game — completing 12 Sequences in Singleplayer for 60 Uplay points and reaching level 20 in Multiplayer for another 40 Uplay points — you’ll gain Uplay points on your account that you can spend in that same menu to unlock in-game multiplayer character bonuses! And that’s all you need to know about how to unlock Assassin’s Creed 3 multiplayer characters costumes, easy does it!

    The multiplayer characters will gain these extras…

    • The Renegade Pack: Unlock the Multiplayer Night Stalker’s Renegade costume and additional Profile items. — Unlocks for: 40 Uplay Points.
    • The Life Scratcher Pack: Increase the capacity of Connor’s tool pouches on your clothing, and unlock exclusive Multiplayer Profile items. — Unlocks for: 20 Uplay Points.

    Take a look at this video to choose which multiplayer items you’d like to unlock first in Assassin’s Creed 3:

    Black Costumes: Unlock Black Costumes for multiplayer characters by playing Wolfpack and beating all 25 Sequences. It usually unlocks it for two characters, the character you are playing and whoever is the last target you kill. For example: If I played as the Lady Maverick and my last target was the Thief I would unlock both of their Black Costumes.

    Assassin’s Creed 3 Multiplayer Characters List

    Note: This characters overview lists both how to unlock said characters (where available), as well as his/her bio.

    • The Bear AKA Kuruk, of Pawnee Ancestry:
      Bio: A warrior from a faraway land, Kuruk left his homeland when his elder brother was made chieftain of his tribe. Now in exile, this skilled fighter has learned to create deadly weapons of his own design to remarkable effectiveness. His great strength and short fuse make him a force to be reckoned with.
    • The Carpenter AKA John O’Brien, of Irish Ancestry:
      Bio: The personification of the Irish working man, John traveled to the new world to start a new life and escape his homeland where his liberties were under constant threat. A man of few words he is at heart a kind man, but years of persecution at the hands of the British have conditioned him to violently lash out when provoked.
    • The Commander AKA Matthew Davenport, of British Ancestry:
      Bio: A fierce and capable military officer, Commander Davenport was one of the finest strategists of his time. Though he may appear to be cold and calculating, he demonstrates a fierce devotion to the men he leads. Focusing only on the war and his duty, he has no idea that his own daughter is hidden among his ranks.
    • The Hessian AKA Gerhard Vonstatten, of German Ancestry:
      Bio: Just one of the many thousands of German troops sent to the New World to fight for the British, Vostantten stands out in his appetite for war. With virtually no personality to speak of, this man is an unstoppable killing machine and will carry out his orders without ever considering defeat.
    • The Hutsman AKA William de Saint-Prix, of French Ancestry:
      Bio: A man of privilege, de Saint-Prix was born to a rich family in the outskirts of Boston where he received the best education. He was particularly adept at science and literature and gained the knowledge to both design his own weapons and fighting style. Though he was shunned by the revolutionaries for his noble beginnings, his intelligence and courage earned him the respect of his compatriots.
    • The Independent AKA Alsoomse, of Shawnee Ancestry:
      Bio: Alsoomse gained this exceedingly clever nickname as a child as she was always a very solitary little girl. As she got older, she became widely known by her violent temper, but make no mistake; she is a strong and determined champion for justice and equality, and will fight to the death for what she believes in.
    • The Lady Maverick AKA Gillian McCarthy, of Scottish Ancestry:
      Bio: An orphan who grew up on the streets with her little brother, this strong, driven woman managed to survive the unforgiving frontier of the new world. Coupled with her street smarts, her natural talent for seduction has earned her the favors of some of the most influential politicians of her day.
    • The Mountebank AKA Doctor Victor Wolcott, of British Ancestry:
      Bio: This learned man of science thrives on the acquisition of knowledge. He is especially fascinated by biology, medicine and the inner workings of the human body; so much so it is rumored he has devised an elixir potent enough to keep his patients alive well beyond the traditional method’s capabilities.
    • The Night Stalker AKA “Joe”, of Unknown Ancestry:
      Bio: Scared by the light of day, this mentally unhinged man was known to stalk the streets of New York by night. Rumor has it that he works as a mercenary for a secret organization, though coin is his only true motivation. This “Joe” moniker comes from the name called out by one of his victims just seconds before he died, though no one has dared to inquire any further.
    • The Pioneer AKA Emily Burke, of Irish Ancestry:
      Bio: The only girl in a family of ten, this tomboy learned the meaning of hard work and sacrifice at a very young age. She had difficulty adjusting to the modesty of her gender growing up, but when the war takes the lives of her father and brothers, she forsakes her claim and goes in search of answers, killing anyone she deems responsible for the loss of her family.
    • The Preacher AKA Padre Federico Perez, of Spanish Ancestry:
      Bio: Driven by an unwavering faith, his unsettling charisma hides the obsessive need to cleanse the land of sinners. He will deal death as quickly as forgiveness and does not hesitate when confronted with those he deems heretics.
    • The Redcoat:
      How To Unlock: This female character is included in Assassin’s Creed III’s “The Hidden Secrets” DLC.
    • The Robber AKA Fillan McCarthy, of Scottish Ancestry:
      Bio: Like his older sister, Gillian McCarthy, Fillian learned everything he knows from the streets. While his sister manipulated her way up the social ladder, he broke ties with her, not wanting to be a burden to someone who had already given so much to him. Now a young man and able to take care of himself, his only loyalty is to his next meal and his estranged sister.
    • The Sharpshooter:
      How To Unlock: There is a way to unlock a new character this year, well before it’s offered to the general public next year. From now until January 31st 2013, the only way for gamers to get The Sharpshooter is by buying a NOS Energy Drink. Through a partnership with Ubisoft, NOS Energy Drink partnered with Ubisoft to offer early access to the DLC through its NOS Rewards Series (NRS), a loyalty program that incentivizes fans with custom gear and opportunities for exclusive content, experiences and limited-edition products.
      You can earn NOS points through collecting codes on specially marked cans of NOS Energy Drink and creating an NRS account on All it takes is one NOS Rewards Series point to get the early access.
      Bio: The Sharpshooter is a man who’s the master of all firearms.
    • The Silent Shadow AKA Chogan, of Mohawk Ancestry:
      How To Unlock: The Silent Shadow is an exclusive character for everyone who has an Uplay account with a $9.99 Uplay Passport. Unlock him him by logging into Assassin’s Creed 3 with a Uplay Passport account.
      [For more login details read the Uplay Unlockables section at the top of this page.]
      Bio: Raised in seclusion by his father, away from his own people, Atasá:ta was trained in the art of hunting. He lived a quiet, content life until he found his father brutally slain by a British raiding party. Now, hungry for revenge, he makes the cities of the newcomers his new hunting grounds as he searches for those responsible.
    • The Strong Man AKA Nukilik, of Inuit Ancestry:
      Bio: When news of his southern kin’s plight reached his land, this Inuit Chief traveled countless miles south to aid the revolutionaries and defend his people. Despite his deceptive size, his speed and agility make him a very valuable asset and he is especially dangerous at close range.

    Mystery characters are: The Black Bird.

    These other names have been mentioned, but it’s unclear as of yet if these names are more unlockable multiplayer characters. – Please comment if you know if there’s a new-found way to unlock them in multiplayer.

    This video shows the above listed 15 multiplayer characters in action:

    Get a closer look at the unique locales, characters, abilities and perks in this Assassin’s Creed 3 Multiplayer trailer. A variety of modes ranging from classic Deathmatch to co-op and team-based modes like Wolfpack and Domination make this the best Assassin’s Creed multiplayer yet.

    You’ll unlock additional items as you level up your character in multiplayer.

    Do you know of any more Assassin’s Creed 3 multiplayer characters? If so, please leave a comment with a the tip for how to get them. We’ll update this multiplayer characters page and give you credit for the discovery!


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