Assassin’s Creed 3 Walkthrough

28 October 2012
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Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough

Sequence 9: Two if by Sea

“Desmond Sequence 2: Daddy Dearest” Present Day – Stadium
“Sequence 09: Two if by Sea” — 1777… Thomas Hickey’s assassination plot has been foiled and the American Colonies have declared their independence. As winter sets in, Connor anticipates a new Templar attack. He struggles with how to share the news with Washington.

Desmond Sequence 2: Daddy Dearest — Mission: Present Day – Stadium

Mission 1 “Present Day – Stadium” Objective: Finding another power source in Brazil, at a Stadium, during a Mixed Martial Arts match.

In Part 2 of this Present Day Mission we’re plugging in the second power source Desmond found in Brazil.

Mission 2: Missing Supplies

Mission 2 “Missing Supplies” Objective: Uncover who is behind the theft of Valley Forge’s supplies.
Full Synchronization:
• Catch the cart driver within the given time – 0:30
• Do not hide in the hay cart while following the convoy.
• Kill camp guards without being detected – 3/3
• Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.

Mission 3: Father and Son

Mission 3 “Father and Son” Objective: With Haytham’s help, Connor will infiltrate Benjamin Church’s New York compound and confront him with the facts.
Full Synchronization: Do not get detected while stealing the mercenary outfit.

Mission 4: The Foam and The Flames

Mission 4 “The Foam and The Flames” Objective: Escape the brewery and resume pursuing Church.
Full Synchronization:
• Do not take any fire damage.
• Limit Haytham’s health loss – 50%
• Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.

Mission 5: A Bitter End

Mission 5 “A Bitter End” Objective: Find and assassinate Church before he reaches Martinique.
Full Synchronization:
• Limit environmental damage – 20%
• Stay within distance of the schooner – 500
• Achieve a minimum kill streak – 3
• Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.

Assassin’s Creed 3 Walkthrough continues on Page 10 with Sequence 10.


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