Assassin’s Creed 3 Walkthrough

28 October 2012
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Assassin's Creed 3 Walkthrough

Sequence 6: Tea is for Englishmen

“Desmond Sequence 1: Criss Cross” Present Day – Skyscraper
“Sequence 06: Tea is for Englishmen” 1773… Connor has been inducted into the Assassin Brotherhood. Now he must seek out the Templars and put an end to their plots.

Desmond Sequence 1: Criss Cross — Mission: Present Day – Skyscraper

In Sequence 6 you get to control of both Desmond Miles and Connor Kenway.

First, in the “Desmond on the Skyscraper” mission, Desmond heads to a penthouse in Manhattan to retrieve an artifact. – Plugging in the power source Desmond found in New York. It’s actually the 2nd one you find, since you find the first one automatically at the beginning of the game.

Second, back in the Animus, Connor meets a friend who informs him that William Johnson is selling their tribe’s land. (That’s the intro to Mission 2.)

Mission 2-3: On Johnson’s Trail, The Angry Chef

First Connor gets distracted and welcomes a hunter to the Homestead. Then he goes to meet up with Sam Adams in Boston, where tax collectors are in need of justice.

Mission 2 “On Johnson’s Trail” Objective: Find Samuel Adams to learn more about William Johnson’s plans.
Full Synchronization:
• Stay below notoriety level 2.
• Limit firearm use – 0/6
• Use powder kegs to destroy smuggled cargo – 3/3
• Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.

Mission 3 “The Angry Chef” Objective: Tax collectors are pushing Stephane Chapheau over the edge. He has snapped and is on a rampage. Ensure he survives.
Full Synchronization:
• Limit time spent in open conflict – 0:15
• Limit Chapheau’s health loss – 50%
• Perform low profile assassinations – 5/5
• Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.

Part 2 of Mission 2: Connor talks to Sam Adams and William Molyneux about smuggled tea and destroys said tea. He also takes control of an occupied Templar fort.

Then in the short Mission 2: The Angry Chef, Stephane gets upset that someone stole from him and tries to start a riot. Connor must protect him.

Mission 4: The Tea Party

Connor takes part in The Boston Tea Party with Paul Revere, Sam Adams, William Molyneux, and Stephane, where he must defend the people on the boats dumping tea into the ocean. He also receives another visit from his friend.

Mission 4 “The Tea Party” Objective: Now that Johnson’s plans have been revealed, the resources he is relying on to raise capital must be destroyed.
Full Synchronization:
• Dump crates of tea in the water – 10/10
• Throw redcoats in the water – 3/3
• Perform musket air assassinations – 1/1
• Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.

Mission 5: Hostile Negotiations

Connor meets his friend and infiltrates a meeting William Johnson is having with Native American Tribes. We must kill him and escape.

Mission 5 “Hostile Negotiations” Objective: Even with the tea destroyed, Johnson has found a way to move ahead with the land purchase. He must be stopped.
Full Synchronization:
• Limit Native American casualties – 0/1
• Reach Johnson undetected.
• Perform a swan dive to escape.
• Completed all the constraints in one playthrough.

Assassin’s Creed 3 Walkthrough continues on Page 7 with Sequence 7.


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